Permanent Mission of the Federated States of Micronesia to the United Nations

UNICEF Executive Director Acknowledges First Lady's Contribution to Children Summit

New York (FSM Permanent Mission to the UN): August 13, 2002 - On July 11, 2002 the Executive Director of UNICEF, Ms. Carol Bellamy sent out a letter addressed to President Falcam of the FSM acknowledging the contribution of the FSM in general and of Mrs. Iris G. Falcam in particular to the UN Special Session on Children. Ms. Bellamy acknowledged the success the FSM has made towards eliminating polio and neonatal tetanus and in reducing infant and maternal mortality. Finally Ms. Bellamy commended the FSM government "for enhancing the participation of young people on issues of relevance to them".

The 27th Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Children was held in May 2002 in New York. In attendance were Mrs. Falcam, who headed the delegation, Pohnpei State Senator Nancy Salomon, Dr. Jefferson Benjamin from the Department of Health, Education & Social Affairs, Mrs. Jane Chigiyal from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Marilyn Jack from the President's Office and members of the FSM Permanent Mission to the United Nations. Attending the Special Session were 69 heads of State or Government but also 400 children and young people.