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Government of the Federated States of Micronesia



Photo: Earth Station on Chuuk

The FSM has over 8,400 subscribers with a telephone density of 8.02 telephone lines per 100 population. All telecommunication services are provided by the FSM Telecommunications Corp., a public corporation.

Providing the FSM with telephone service is a challenge due to the fact that FSM Telecom's service area stretches across one million square miles of the western Pacific Ocean. The FSM includes 607 islands, with some of the outer islands being among the most isolated land masses on earth.

To provide the FSM with telecommunication services, FSM Telecom utilizes four Intelsat Standard B earth stations in operation in Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap. A fifth Intelsat Standard A earth station at the company's corporate headquarters in Pohnpei routes international traffic (including Internet traffic). Other elements in the FSM Telecom network include a DSM-100/200 switch with two remotes and a DMS-300 switch on Pohnpei; some 410 miles of buried cable, 53 miles of buried fiber optic cable, and various radio-linked telephones.

FSM Telecom will continue to invest in the future in order to improve its services. As the Internet Service Provider for the FSM, the company plans to expand its Internet Services to meet the growing demand. Telecommunication services will be expanded to the more isolated and remote islands in the FSM and the company is exploring options, including the use of a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite system to provide these services.

International Direct Dialing (IDD) is possible to and from any telephone in the FSM. The country code is 691.

Postal Services

Picture: Stamp issued by the FSM Mail service to and from the FSM is excellent. The United States Postal Service picks up and delivers all mail to each of the states via air service, and the FSM is part of the US Zip Code system. These codes are: Kosrae 96944, Pohnpei 96941, Chuuk 96942, and Yap 96943.

The FSM Postal Service receives and delivers mail within each state. Mail rates from the US to the FSM and from the FSM to the US are the same as US domestic rates. International rates are also the same as those charged by the US Postal Service. Express delivery is also provided by a variety of private carriers.