Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Mori's National Day Message to the
People of the Federated States of Micronesia

Palikir, November 3, 2008

My fellow Citizens and friends,

On this special day for our Nation, I am pleased to extend greetings as your President. In doing so, I am joined by Vice President Alik and our families, in offering our congratulations to all citizens and friends throughout the Federation, for achieving this twenty-second anniversary of our Nation's independence. While our nationhood is relatively young at this age, we have attained a level of maturity as a sovereign and independent people, aspiring to work and live as a united people for our common welfare.

On this twenty-second anniversary day, we can be proud of the accomplishments we have made in the face of formidable challenges and adversities. Our unity as a Federation remains strong, despite the diversity of our people, the vast distances that separate us, and our limited natural resources. We can be proud of our unique political system befitting our varied circumstances and the enjoyment of peace, freedom and respect for our diversity.

Our Federation has also attained respect and recognition in the global community. We speak with an equal voice in the community of nations and have made friends who share in our concerns, interests and values. Our Nation is an active member of the international community and has also borne beneficial fruits for our nation-building efforts. Given our inherent shortcomings and the challenges confronting our government and people, we will continue to count on the generosity and assistance of our friends and partners such as the United States, Japan, China, and Australia, among others.

On this historic occasion, I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the invaluable assistance provided by our development partners and urge their continued support and cooperation. The congratulatory messages received from the resident missions, and perhaps others from abroad are indicative of the strong bonds of friendship we have with them, and I want to thank them all for their kind words on this special day.

My fellow citizens and friends,

I wish I could say that all is well at home and in the world for that matter. The high cost of fuel and basic food commodities have cost tremendous hardship on ourselves and our families. These cost increases have a disastrous impact on all of us and we must therefore look for immediate short and long term solutions. The important first step is import substitution. I encourage the use of healthy and affordable local food instead of imported food. Self sufficiency, as I have said should be a goal of our National Food Policy.

In pursuing our goal of our food policy, we should ever be mindful and sensitive to our delicate environment. The link between food security and environment can not be overlooked. Our farm lands must be cultivated sustainably so as not to be used at the expense of our fragile environment.

Since taking Office, we continued to face formidable financial challenges that threaten to break our spirit as a people and undermine the unity of our Nation. These financial crisis and challenges are not only confined to the home front, but are now a major global concern. The global financial crisis, as evidenced by the current delicate situation in the bigger countries, is a matter of grave concern as we are all at risk as part of the globalized economy.

On this anniversary occasion, I called on the leadership and the people of our nation to rededicate and reaffirm our resolve to work together in addressing these challenges facing us all. Vice President and I have benefited tremendously from your individual and collective support and cooperation during the past year, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the contribution you have made, whether big or small, to the on-going task of nation-building.

Having inherited what we have today from our founding fathers, it is only appropriate that we also recognize their pioneering work in the formative stage of our Nation and pay tribute to them by making this twenty-second anniversary of our independence a true celebration of their enduring legacies.

Once again, congratulations, and may the Almighty God keep us protected, united and at peace in the years to come.