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Seeking Assistance

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): January 6, 2003 - FSM Senator Isaac Figir from the State of Yap and Chairman of the Congressional Committee on External Affairs urged FSM President Leo A. Falcam December 17, 2002, to seek assistance for Guam after Super Typhoon Pongsona shattered the island. The senator compares the sight he saw on Guam to those photographs of the remains of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb blast.

President Falcam responded to Figir's letter on December 23, and informed the senator that he has written to the Governor of Guam to offer the assistance of "our nation during their period of need." Falcam's letter also stated that there were seven linemen from Pohnpei Utility Corporation left during the holidays to assist Guam, leaving their families behind. Seven other people will leave soon, according to Falcam's letter. The President thanked the Continental Airlines for providing free tickets to those traveled to Guam to provide assistance.

The following is Senator Figir's letter in full text:

"Dear Mr. President,

I recently traveled through Guam and witnessed the devastation left in the wake of Typhoon Pongsona. I was shocked at the amount and severity of the damage. I can only liken it to photographs I have seen of the remains of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb blast. My heart, and the hearts of all Micronesians, should go out to people of Guam.

I know that we are a nation of limited resources and are, ourselves, still rebuilding from the effects of Typhoon Chataan. Nevertheless, I believe that we should offer what resources we can to our friends to help them rebuild their island. While we have little in the way of funds and materials, we are rich in strong backs and hearts. Perhaps we can organize a group from among the states to offer labor assistance.

I hope that you will consider my request and instruct your staff to contact the Government of Guam and offer this assistance. If they accept, I hope that your office will coordinate with the State Governments to accomplish this worthwhile project. I believe that Guam would appreciate any assistance that we can offer.

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

Very truly yours,

Senator Isaac V Figir"

Congress is set to start its three-day 4th Special Session of the 12th Congress tomorrow, January 8, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. and again extends invitations to all interested people to observe.

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