Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Congress News, January 28, 2003

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): January 28, 2003 - Most of the members of the 12th Congress are out campaigning for the up coming congressional election.

In the State of Chuuk, the most hotly contested March 4th race, is between two of the most prominent leaders, particularly in Chuuk. Speaker Jack Fritz and Vice President Redley Killion are contesting for the at large seat currently occupied by Senator Manny Mori.

The winner of this race will be a candidate for the presidency. Members of the incoming May 2003 13th Congress will chose the president, vice president and officers of the new Congress during the first day of session, May 11, 2003.

President Leo A. Falcam who is also running for the at large seat in his State of Pohnpei, if elected, will also have a chance for the presidency.

The Congressional Public Information Office does not have information on incumbent Senator Manny Mori. The senator did not file nomination petition for the March election. The only explanation one could have if the senator is still interested in serving in the Congress is that he will wait out after the general election and run "if" the winner of the at-large seat for Chuuk cause a special election.

Other incumbents in Chuuk that have been challenged included Mortlocks Representative Henry C. Asugar who is being challenged by Fabian Sitan Nimea, Herner Braiel and Kachuo Eko and Faichuk Representative John R. Petewon is being challenged by Tiwiter Aritos.

In the State of Kosrae, incumbent Senator Jacob Nena (4 year-term) is being challenged by FSM Ambassador to Japan Alik Alik.

President Leo A. Falcam and FSM Chief of Immigration and Labor Mohner A. Esiel are challenging Pohnpei at-large incumbent Senator Resio S. Moses. In the two-year seat, Dion G. Neth and Hermen P. Semes are challenging Congressional District No. 2 Representative Onlino I. Lawrence. Mr. Paulino J. Rodriguez is challenging incumbent Senator Peter M. Christian in District No. 3.

In the State of Yap, Jesse Raglmar-SUBOLMAR is contesting for the at-large seat currently occupied by Floor Leader Joseph J. Urusemal in the State's at-large seat.

The other incumbents, Senators Roosevelt Kansou of Chuuk, Claude H. Phillip of Kosrae, Dohsis Halbert of Pohnpei and Isaac Figir of Yap are running unopposed. Except of the case of incumbent Senator Simeon Innocenti of Chuuk who decided not to serve again as representative of the Northwest Islands in Chuuk.

Measures approved during the recently concluded 4-day 4th Special Session have all been transmitted to the president for his action. These includes six re passed congressional acts which were previously vetoed by the president.

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