Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Congress News Day Nine: Tuesday, February 12th

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): February 12, 2008 - Day Nine of the Third Regular Session of the 15th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia returned the position of Consul General under advice and consent and deferred action on three Executive nominations.

Congress today passed on Second Reading Congressional Bill (CB) no. 15-78 which requires the President to appoint - with the advice and consent of the FSM Congress, the Consul Generals for the two Consulate Offices in Guam and Honolulu.

The nominations that were deferred to tomorrow's calendar include Congressional Resolution (CR) no, 15-57, for Secretary of the Department of Justice; CR no.15-80, for the National Elections Director and CR no. 15-78, for the Director of the National Office of Archives, Culture and Historic Preservation.

Also deferred for First Reading tomorrow is CB no. 15-30, a bill proposed to exempt employees of US federally funded programs from the national Public Service System.

The bill for the consul general also exempts the positions from the Public Service System and returns it under Congress's advice and consent. The positions were placed under the national Public Service System during the 13th Congress, members therefore expressed concern on the intentions of the Bill as it was introduced by request.

The Bill was among the issues of healthy floor exchange during the session on Monday - February 11. Various members had expressed concerns on the continuing breakdown of communication between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

Vice Speaker Resio S. Moses voiced his disappointment with the Executive Branch's seeming disregard for the concerns raised by Congress. He was concerned about "our attempt to govern this nation.

"I think between the nominations, the Budget and other discussions, bills submitted, I sense an encroachment into the process of Government in the FSM [...]" the Vice Speaker noted. He also strongly expressed the need for a more transparent account of international trips by officials of the national government.

While various members associated themselves with the Vice Speaker's concerns, the general consensus expressed was that there is a definite communication breakdown between the two branches. It was also the general consensus of the members that a basic sit-down meeting between the heads of the two branches may help resolve the current issues.

The sentiment was echoed during today's session, with members encouraging representatives of the Executive Branch to convey the urgency of the meeting to the President.

Public Hearings on Day Nine include:

  • oversights for the Departments of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure; and

  • confirmation hearings on the Secretary of TC&I and the Post Master General.

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