Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Congress News Day Ten: Wednesday, February 13th

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): February 13, 2008 - Day Ten of the Third Regular Session of the 15th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia confirmed President Manny Mori's nominations for various Cabinet positions, for National Government offices and for the posts for the nation's overseas missions, among other measures.

At the end of what was described as a "long and difficult day," the FSM Congress adopted all the nomination resolutions that were placed on today's resolution calendar. The Congressional Resolutions (CR) and their respective votes are:

  1. CR no. 15-57, (10/4) - Maketo Robert for Secretary for the Department of Justice;

  2. CR no. 15-78, (13/1) - Dr. Rufino Mauricio for Director of the Office of National Archives, Culture and Historic Preservation;

  3. CR no. 15-80, (11/3) - Kimeuo Kimiuo for National Elections Director;

  4. CR no. 15-84, (10/4) - Peter M. Christian for Secretary of the Department of Resources and Development;

  5. CR no. 15-77, (11/3) - John Fritz for Ambassador to the FSM Embassy in Japan;

  6. CR no. 15-79, (12/2) - Yosiwo P. George for Ambassador the FSM Embassy in Washington DC; and

  7. CR no. 15-101, (12/2) - Francis I. Itimai for Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure.

Along with the Resolutions, Congress adopted an amendment to CB no. 15-78, the Bill requiring the consul generals to be under advice and consent, to include the Deputy Chiefs of Missions under the provision of "advice and consent."

Additionally, Congress deferred two financial bills for action on February 14, and adopted the following Congressional Bills (CB) on First Reading:

  1. CB no. 15-56, a bill to prevent the revocation or denial of spouse permits from non-citizen widows or widowers residing over 20 years in the FSM;

  2. CB no. 15-73, a bill to establish a two term limit for board members of the National Oceanic Resources Management Authority; and

  3. CB no. 15-79, a bill to appropriate $366,255 towards Chuuk State Government's financial reform efforts.

At the end of day's session, Speaker Isaac V. Figir thanked members for their "cooperation and understanding" of the need to move forward with issues affecting the nation. He shared his appreciation for the spirit of cooperation that members had today through their votes," I know it has been a long and difficult day us, especially this afternoon [...] but we are part of this nation's building efforts and the people who put us in these seats expect us to make the difficult decisions [...]" said the Speaker.

Speaker Figir said he hope the message is conveyed to the Executive Branch that "we are ready to work with him (the President), and we must proceed, on behalf of the people of this nation[...]"

The public hearings on Day 10 included the agreement between the NORMA and the National Fisheries Corporation. The Committee on Ways & Means held hearings on NFC's current debts and another hearing with the Micronesia Conservation Trust.

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