Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Seventeenth Congress maintains national leadership

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): May 11, 2011 - Congress elected to continue the composition of the National Leadership with President Mori and Vice President Alik L. Alik as Heads of the Executive Branch and Speaker Figir Heading the Legislative Branch with new presiding officers and some changes to the Heads of the Congressional Standing Committees.

The Presiding Officers of the new Seventeenth FSM Congress are:

Speaker: Senator Isaac V. Figir

Vice Speaker: Senator Berney Martin

Floor Leader: Senator Florencio Singkoro Harper

The seven Congressional Standing Committees are headed by:

  • Senator Dohsis Halbert for the Committee on Ways and Means;

  • Senator David W. Panuelo, Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations;

  • Senator Roger S. Mori, Committee on Resources and Development;

  • Senator Joseph J. Urusemal, Committee on Education;

  • Senator Peter M. Christian, Committee on Transportation and Communications;

  • Senator Tony H. Otto, Committee on Health and Social Affairs; and

  • Senator Paliknoa K. Welly, Committee on External Affairs.

FSM Chief Justice Martin G. Yinug administered the Oath of Office of the Senator to members of the Seventeenth Congress. Following the election of the President and Vice President, Chief Justice Yinug also administered the Oath of Office to the Heads of the Executive Branch witnessed by Congress Chamber packed-full of citizens and visitors alike.

The Opening Day was crowded as usual with leadership from both the national government and the state governments along traditional leadership and members of the Diplomatic Community. Notable among the seated leadership was the presence of all four State Governors and their state delegations. Also lending their presence to the Opening Day's proceedings was the First Speaker of the FSM Congress, Bethwel Henry and former Presidents John Haglelgam and Leo A. Falcam.

Those who were not in the Congress Chamber this morning were able to tune in to the local radio stations for the day's proceedings via a live-broadcast through the FSM Telecommunications Corporation.

According to Congress Rules of Procedures, Regular Sessions of the FSM Congress are for 20-days, unless shortened or extended by Congressional Resolution. The First Regular Session of the Seventeenth Congress is therefore expected to adjourn on May 30, 2011.

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