Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Congress convenes; President delivers State of Nation message

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): May 16, 2008 - The 15th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia convened in Palikir on Monday - May 12 2008, for the Opening Day of its Fourth Regular Session.

Monday's session also marked the one year anniversary of the 15th Congress and the Executive Administration. To mark the anniversary, Congress had invited President Manny Mori to deliver his State of Nation address during the Opening Day's session.

Highlighted in the President's address was the Executive Re-organization which he said was intended to "streamline the departments' and offices' duties and responsibilities for greater focus." In view of current challenges, the President noted that re-organization also upgraded important portfolios such as environment, culture and education.

The President's message also referenced the financial crisis in the States of Chuuk and Kosrae as one of the most difficult tasks for his Administration. The states' financial situation presented "formidable challenges [...] that threatened to break our spirit as a people and undermine our unity as a nation." However, with the support, understanding and cooperation of the collective leadership, the President noted, "I can say with some degree of comfort that we have made significant progress thus far in both states."

President Mori also referenced other areas of forward progress for the Administration along with challenges - old and new. Among the progress areas underlined in the President's message are:

  • participation in regional and international forums; and

  • corporate registry and captive insurance programs.

Those areas or issues which remain challenges for the government and the administration are:

  • the submarine fiber optic cable;

  • manpower development;

  • MiCare and Social Security;

  • the energy policy and newly created Petroleum Corporation;

  • national food policy;

  • coordination with the state government; and

  • tax reform.

These are the areas highlighted in the President's State of the Nation message as either progressing or challenging.

Following the State of the Nation address, Congress adjourned its First Day of the Fourth Regular Session of the 15th FSM Congress.

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