Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Congress News, May 24, 2004

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): May 24, 2004 - Congress overrode a presidential veto on a bill to appropriate $2.8 Million to fund social and economic development projects throughout the states in the FSM. Only the Yap delegation voted against the override. The other three delegations voted for it.

Later in the session, Members invited the President, in a resolution adopted, to address the people and Members of Congress with respect to ratification of the amended Compact of Free Association with the United States during its current 3rd Regular Session of the 13th Congress.

Congress also confirmed the nominations of Mr. James Naich to the Deputy Chief of Mission post at the FSM Embassy in Washington D.C. and Mr. Tadao Sigrah to the Council General post in the State of Hawaii. Mr. Laurence Vetter's nomination to the Secretary post at the Department of Justice failed to receive the confirmation votes by Congress. Other nominations that received the consent of Congress included a nomination for Ms. Jane Elymore to serve on the Board of Director for the National Government Employees' Health Insurance Plan, Mr. Lorin S. Robert, Mr. Nena S. Nena, Mr. Johnny Meippen, Mr. Francis I. Itimai and Mr. Hubert K. Yamada to serve as members of the National Oceanic Resource Management Authority Board and Mr. William F. Hawley to serve as member of the FSM Banking Board.

Few Members made their statements on the floor today pointing to those recently confirmed as members of the National Oceanic Resource Management Authority Board or NORMA to remember they are working with our only and most precious resource and to make fair compensations when dealing with other companies fishing in our waters. Some said that NORMA should not go out and negotiate outside of the nation; instead, interested fishermen should come and talk to us about their fishing projects and programs.

Congress passed on 1st Reading a bill to change allottee of certain funds from the Pohnpei Board Authority to the President.

The standing committees will continue to work on the proposed 2005 fiscal year budget. Some of these committees have started their "mark up - mark down" meeting a phrase used by congressional committees to refer to meetings in which they finalize their work and decisions on the budget.

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