Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Primo new Vice Speaker of FSM Congress

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): September 1, 2009 - Senator Fredrico O. Primo, Representative of the State of Pohnpei's Election District Three, has been selected to be the new Vice Speaker of the Sixteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The selection came during this morning's Special Order of Business during which Floor Leader Joe N. Suka nominated Senator Primo and members agreed by acclimation. Senator Primo becomes the Seventh Senator seated for the Vice Speakership of the FSM Congress.

The first Vice Speaker of the FSM Congress was Joab N. Sigrah serving the First thru Fourth Congress (1979 - 1987); Elias Thomas was for the Fifth FSM Congress (1987 - 1989); Claude H. Phillip during the Fifth Congress (1989 - 1991); Dohsis Halbert for the Seventh and Eighth Congress (1991 - 1995); Claude H. Phillip reclaimed the Vice Speakership from Ninth thru Fourteenth Congress (1995 - 2007); and finally, Resio S. Moses served as Vice Speaker of the Fifteenth Congress (2007 - 2009) and re-seated for the same during the reorganization of the Sixteenth Congress on May 11 2009, but passed away a month later.

Senator Primo accepted the Vice Speakership and the members for entrusting him with the important role. The new Vice Speaker assured the members that he would try his utmost best to uphold the principles of righteousness, integrity and justice in carrying out his responsibilities to the people and the nation.

Vice Speaker Primo is currently Chairman of the Pohnpei Delegation with concurrent Vice Chairmanships for the Congressional Committee of Judiciary and Governmental Operation and on the Committee on Health and Social Affairs.

Primo was an aspiring 1975 alumni of the prestigious Xavier High School, his educational quest was however cut short by family obligations. Undeterred, he sought to expand his educational background through experience. Fresh out of high school, he applied for and was accepted for the position of Ponape Weather Station Technician. Committed to educational enhancement, Primo aggressively pursued trainings in electronics and engineer to further his background.

His untiring efforts were well noticed and he was immediately hired by the then major electronics and engineering establishment in the Federated States of Micronesia, FSM Telecommunications Corporation. Primo started as a technician/engineer for the FSM Telecom and continued upwards until he became the head of the Marketing Management Division. He held this position until he ran for and was elected to the Pohnpei State Legislature in 2000. Primo's political life however began earlier.

At the formative stages of the nation in 1978, at the young age of 24, Primo was elected to the Council of the then Uh Municipal Government and maintained his seat until 1984. He took a political hiatus until 2000 when he ran for and was elected to the Pohnpei State Legislature. At the state legislature Primo served as Chairman for the legislative committee on Public Works and Transportation with membership on various committees from Judiciary and Governmental Operations to Finance to Health. He successfully maintained his seat at the State Legislature until 2007 when he took a step further to run for the national Legislature.

On May 11 2007, Primo was seated as a member of the 15th FSM Congress.

Primo is married to former Rita Artui and they have six children.

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