Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Congress approves National Budget, now tackles National Nominations

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): October 3, 2011 - Following intense deliberation on the National Budget, Congress extended the Second Regular Session for six (6) more days until October 8th to tackle the nominations by President Emanuel 'Manny' Mori for his Cabinet positions, Heads of Agencies and Offices of the National Government along with the posts for FSM Representatives abroad, all of which were deferred during the Special Session in July 2011.

The President's nominations included, for Secretaries for the Departments of:

1. Education: Dr. Rufino Mauricio;
2. Finance and Administration: Mr. Tiser Reynolds;
3. Foreign Affairs: Mr. Lorin S. Robert;
4. Health and Social Affairs: Dr. Vita A. Skilling;
5. Justice: Mr. Maketo L. Robert;
6. Resources and Development: Mr. Marion Henry;
7. Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure: Mr. Francis Itimai; and
8. Deputy Secretary for Foreign Affairs: Mr. Samson Pretrick.

The remaining nominations for the various Offices and Agencies of the National Government included nominations for:

1. National Elections Office: Mr. Albert T. Welly;
2. Office of E.E.M: Mr. Andrew Yatilman;
3. Office of S.B.O.C: Ms. Evelyn Adolph;
4. Post Master General: Mrs. Ginger P. Mida;
5. Public Auditor: Mr. Haser Hainrick; and
6. Public Defender: Mr. Joey Sapelalut.

For the FSM Government representatives abroad, the President nominated the following:

1. Mrs. Jane J. Chigiyal: Permanent Representative to the United Nations;
2. Mr. John Fritz: Ambassador to Japan;
3. Mr. Gerson Jackson: Ambassador to Fiji;
4. Mr. Akillino H. Susaia: Ambassador to China;
5. Mr. Asterio R. Takesy: Ambassador to the United States of America;
6. Mr. Ismael Dobich: Consul General, Hawaii; and
7. Mr. Robert Ruecho: Consul General, Guam.

Regular Sessions of the FSM Congress are scheduled for a 20-day period unless extended or shortened through by Congress. Accordingly, the Second Regular Session of the 17th FSM Congress as convened, is from September 12 thru October 1, 2011.

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