Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Congress News, October 26, 2004

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): October 26, 2004 - Today Mr. Nena S. Nena was confirmed as Secretary of the FSM Department of Health, Education and Social Affairs. Mr. Nena, who is from the State of Kosrae, received eleven of the votes of the twelve Members present.

Mr. Nena Nena's career has included positions as a school teacher, a Hospital Administrator for eight years, Kosrae State Director of the Department of Agriculture and Land for four years, and most recently, the Kosrae State Director of the Department of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries since 1999. He was educated at the Silliman University in the Philippines where he was awarded a BA degree in Sociology and he was also awarded a Masters of Health Administration and Planning from the University of Hawaii.

Congress also adopted a resolution expressing sadness and condolences of Members of the 13th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia for the sudden passing away of Senator Reed Nena.

Senator Nena was very instrumental to the development of human resources since the Trust Territory era as a Federal Program Coordinator. In that role, his duties included establishing procedures and policies for Grant Applications for federal programs and providing technical assistance to recipients of the programs. He coordinated training within and outside the Trust Territory and coordinated Job Corps Programs. He was responsible for the coordination of training programs for employees of the FSM National Government, and responsible for drafting and maintaining the Administrative Manual of the FSM National Government. In addition, Mr. Nena surveyed, evaluated and made recommendations for improving the structure, assignment of functions, administrative procedures and work methods of FSM National Government Agencies, upon request. His recently served as the FSM Development Bank Vice President, a member of the Development Bank board of directors and as a member of the Eighth Kosrae State Legislature as a freshman. He was called to his eternal rest on October 23, 2004 in Chuuk.

He and his wife Lore Nena were visiting Chuuk, the state Mrs. Nena is originally from.

Mr. Keichiro G. Dawe of Chuuk was also approved as the new National Election Commissioner for that state. Mr. Dawe served for twelve years in the Chuuk State Department of Public Affairs where he was involved in the administration of municipal, state and national elections. For the past three years, he served as Executive Director of the Chuuk State Election Commission Office. Mr. Dawe's nomination was finally approved on the day when Chuukese residents were electing their four-year term representative to the 13th Congress of the FSM.

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