Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia

Congress Expressed Sadness

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): October 30, 2002 - Members of Congress expressed, October 30, sadness and condolences, through a resolution unanimously adopted by all 14 of them, at the passing of United States Congresswoman, the Honorable Patsy T. Mink.

The late Congresswoman, from the State of Hawaii, was a devoted friend to the people of Micronesia and an advocate for the needs of the people of Micronesia.

Senator Resio S. Moses voted a conflict of interest on a bill concerning entry permits for lawful spouses of FSM citizens. The senator who is married to an U.S. citizen stated in his statement of conflict that he could not vote for something that he or his family could benefit from. The senator voted abstention when ruled by the speaker to cast his vote.

The bill, No. 12-101, passed 1st Reading. It would provide that a spousal permit would not be revoked or denied automatically when the relevant parties are divorced or irreconcilably separated or the citizen spouse dies.

Congress plans to hold session on Monday, November 4. Congress will meet for a morning session and then a break or recess. During the break, the negotiation teams from both United States and Federated States would come in and initial the compact documents, which have been negotiated for a long while. After the initialing, Congress would come back to session and invite President Leo A. Falcam to address Congress and the people of the Federated States of Micronesia on the state of the National Union.

The address will be lived throughout the four states radio stations. The general public is invited to observe these proceedings at the Congress chamber in Palikir, Pohnpei State.

Mr. Haser Hainrick's qualifications for the position President Leo A. Falcam offered him was discussed today by the Ways and Means Committee and officials of the Public Auditor's Office. Mr. Hainrick was nominated to fill the position of FSM Public Auditor, a position that has been vacant since Mr. Rensley Sigrah left to become the governor of the State of Kosrae, almost 4 years ago.

The salary of the Public Auditor and the need to have a Certified Public Auditor (CPA) to head the office was the center of discussion during the hearing.

Mr. Hainrick used to work at the office and left to work at the FSM Development Bank a few years back. Members of the committee asked the reasons for Mr. Hainrick's consideration of the offer and noting the new salary increase, asked why he thinks he is qualified for the position.

Mr. Hainrick stated that the salary was not his major reason for accepting the offer. He said the challenges and excitement of the work of the office persuaded his decisions, especially at this time when the amount of work would be increase under the compact. Hainrick further stated that the work of the head of the office takes more than just a CPA. It takes a person who has multiple skills, which would include auditing, accounting, management, and human resources to work with others as a team.

Congress will re convene October 31, at 10:00 a.m.

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