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Speaker Figir's message encourage citizens to review its roles

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Congress): November 2, 2011 - On the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Federated States of Micronesia, Speaker Isaac V. Figir released a statement that reflected on the strong united will that created the nation and reviewed the challenges of self-government.

While the nation has accomplished much in its challenges of self-government, Speaker's message noted that the achievement of FSM's self-government was through a process that was "both democratic and peaceful" and that alone "is an achievement of which we should always be proud."

Speaker Figir's message touched on the 'unique partnership' with the United States of America established through the Compact of Free Association. The 'Compact', as it is fondly referred to, is an agreement designed to "advance and protect the national self-interest of each of the two parties."

His message highlighted that through the Compact "our citizens received the privilege of residence in the US in order to learn, to be trained and to work." Speaker underlined the importance of contributing to the economy of the US while "acquiring skills and experiences that with be essential to the FSM as we go forward."

According to Speaker Figir's message "we have done much and there is still much more that remains to be done."

He encouraged citizens as they go about their personal celebrations of the 25th anniversary of "our right to govern ourselves, let us also reflect on the tremendous responsibilities that accompany self-governance."

Speaker Figir's message encouraged FSM citizens to each "review our roles in our communities: as participants, as parents, as elders and as leaders. Let us ask ourselves, what we can do to better ourselves, our communities, our states, and our Nation."

Speaker Figir message on the 25th anniversary of Independence of the FSM in its entirety is as follows or can be accessed through the Congress website at

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