Government of the Federated States of Micronesia


March 24-April 4, 1997

  1. The newly accredited Japanese Ambassador to the FSM, His Excellency Jiro Kobayashi, is scheduled to visit the FSM, April 21-23, 1997, to present his Letters of Credence to the Honorable Jacob Nena, Acting President of the Federated States of Micronesia on April 22, 1997. Ambassador-designate Kobayashi is Japan's Ambassador to Fiji, where he resides.

  2. Secretary Asterio R. Takesy will head FSM's delegation to the Core Group Meeting of donors slated to be held during the Asia Development Bank Annual Meeting in Fukuoka, Japan, May 11-13, 1997, accompanied by the Secretary of Finance, the Honorable John Ehsa; the Assistant Secretary of External Affairs for Asia, Pacific, Africa, and Multilateral Affairs, Mr. Lorin Robert; and the International Finance Coordinator, Mr. Nakama Sana. The Core Group Meeting is a smaller group of select major donors consisting of the United States, Japan, Australia, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Asia Development Bank, rather than the bigger Consultative Group which includes these and all other donors to the FSM.

  3. A study team from the Government of Japan is expected to visit Chuuk State, April 7-8, 1997 to conduct a post-construction survey on the Weno Harbor Extension Project. The team will also meet with state officials directly involved in the project.

  4. Secretary Asterio R. Takesy informed the President of the Japan Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF), the Honorable Kenichi Unno, of the continuing success with regards to the operation of the Project for the Protection of Environment and Conservation of Inshore Fishery Resources. The project period of one year under Phase II expired on March 31, 1997, and a request to grant a one-year extension from April 1, 1997 to March 31, 1998 has been made.

  5. The Department has informed the Australian Embassy in Kolonia of a visit to Australia by Chief Justice of the FSM Supreme Court, the Honorable Andon Amaraich, to attend the South Pacific Judicial Conference scheduled to be held in Sydney, April 12-19, 1997.

  6. The FSM Government has been advised of a visit to the FSM by Mr. Edgar Cocker, who is the Project Officer from the Marketing and Product Development of the Trade and Investment Division at the Forum Secretariat, April 14-20, 1997. The purpose of the visit is to consult with government officials on trade, investment and industry issues relevant to the FSM.

  7. The Department, through the FSM Permanent Mission to the United Nations, is preparing for the upcoming trip to New York by the President of the FSM scheduled for June 22-26, 1997, to address the United Nations Special Session on its opening day, June 23, 1997.

  8. The FSM Government has nominated Captain Matthias J. Ewarmai to be its representative to the Meeting of the Association of Pacific Islands Maritime Training Institutions and Maritime Authorities, slated to be held at the Forum Secretariat, April 8-11, 1997. Captain Ewarmai is currently the Manager of the Sea Transportation System Development Branch in the Division of Marine Transportation at the Department of Transportation and Communications.

  9. The FSM Ambassador to Fiji, His Excellency Alik L. Alik, was the Keynote Speaker at a UNFPA-sponsored Regional Strategy Development Workshop which was held in Nadi, March 20-22, 1997. The three-day workshop was conducted to discuss priority regional issues and to formulate strategic recommendations/options relating to population programs in the region as well as

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  1. Messrs. Andrew Tafileichig, Valentine Martin, Andrew Jackson and Francis Itimai have been accepted by the Australian Conservation Training Institute (ACTI) to participate in the Integrated Coastal Management training slated to take place in Sydney, Australia, April 14-May 9, 1997. An opportunity to conduct the same type of training in the FSM is possible if there is sufficient local interest.