President Mori Held Discussion with Yap State Leadership

Colonia, Yap (Yap State Department of Youth & Civics Affairs News Brief): February 26, 2010 - The Yap State Leadership held a meeting with President Mori and his delegation this afternoon. Prior to the meeting, the leaders discussed whether to carry proceedings of the meeting with live radio broadcast. The leaders agreed to broadcast their meeting live after disposing agenda issues which are inconclusive.

In opening the meeting, both Speaker Chieng and Governor Anefal welcomed the President and his delegation to Yap and thanked them for taking the time to meet with the leadership. President Mori, following reorganizations of present leaders, said while his primary purpose of visiting the island is to participate in the Yap Day celebrations, he could not pass up the opportunity to brief the state leadership on issues of common interests. Topping the agenda was a briefing by the President on the request by Yap State for a Museum complex. The President stated that after some time, it appears the Chinese Government is expressing positive interest in pursuing this project. He said, the state may need to work closely with the Ambassador of China in furnishing information for the project.

On transportation, Governor Anefal gave the background on the current problem of inconvenient air transports to the island. He also stated the problem of pilot shortage in the State. President Mori said he shared the sentiments and is aware of the problems with sea and air transportations. He stated that the nation might be getting two ships from Japan. His present difficulty is to identify final recipients of the vessels. He also discussed other air service options that perhaps the nation can look into to alleviate present challenges on air travels within and outside the FSM. He has created a Task Force to look into this issue.

The meeting also included briefings on national efforts in addressing communications, in particular the need to have the other three states connected to fiber optic after Pohnpei. The Social Security concerns raised by Yap state was another issue that was discussed amongst the leaders. At the closure of the meeting, a request from in state national employees to attend Yap Day celebrations was granted by the President.