Tropical Storm Brewing South Of Yap

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News): July 18, 2003 - A tropical depression 280 miles southeast of Yap yesterday was expected to turn into a tropical storm last night, and into a typhoon today.

National Weather Service meteorologist Chip Guard said Tropical Depression Imbudo was heading northwest toward the island of Ulithi, a Yap State atoll with a population of about 700 people. He said a tropical storm warning and typhoon watch have been placed on both Yap and Ulithi.

Guard said the storm was unlikely to hit Guam, and instead pass to the west of the island.

The depression was expected to intensify from a tropical storm to a typhoon as it passes Ulithi.

Guard described a tropical depression as a cyclonic system in the tropics and a precursor to a tropical storm and typhoon. Once winds reach 39 miles per hour, Guard said, the designation turns to tropical storm, and if winds reach 74 miles per hour, it is designated as a typhoon.

He said the cyclone should pull the clouds that have been dumping rain on Guam for the last few days to the west by tomorrow.