College Of Micronesia Chuuk Campus Teaches Traditional Skills, Sailing

WENO, Chuuk (PINA Nius Online): September 8, 2002 - On Tuesday the Chuuk campus of the College of Micronesia will welcome a new arrival: a traditional outrigger sailing canoe.

The canoe is the beginning of the Chuuk Culture and Education Studies Project's revival of traditional skills training.

The traditional outrigger sailing canoe was built and has been loaned by the island of Pollap, in the western islands of Chuuk State, part of Federated States of Micronesia.

The traditional skills training will include teaching of canoe culture, rope making, navigational skills, sail weaving, canoe building and socialization learning at the canoe house.

Mike Olodey, the owner, builder and navigator, sailed the canoe into Chuuk Lagoon last week from Pollap.

This canoe and the yet to be built Uut, or canoe house, will be the centerpiece of a new campus development.