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COM-FSM Marches One Step Closer to Realizing President Mori's Vision of Manpower Needs in FSM

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): January 7, 2009 - In His Excellency Manny Mori's Inaugural Address at COM-FSM in July of 2007, President Mori focused on the need to "attract and retain our young people", and to "keep valuable skills at home for them to be of use."

He stated that, "We must further acknowledge the progress at our college of Micronesia. It is this Administration's plan to help the college in the process of becoming a Four-year institution, catering to our nation's manpower requirements." To this end, The College of Micronesia-FSM has graduated six students with bachelor's degrees under its partnership Bachelor of Arts degree program during its spring 2008 graduation ceremony. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education Program is made possible through a memorandum of understanding and agreement signed by the College of Micronesia-FSM and UOG in September of 2006, creating this partnership bachelor's program.

In a Press Release by the College on December 30,2008, it was stated that "This partnership effort with UOG has put COM-FSM on the step toward implementing Option 2 as recommended through a report the college submitted to FSM's President Mori on Improvement at the College of Micronesia-FSM; Review of Options. The three options discussed in the report included:

  1. COM-FSM to remain a two-year college offering only associate's degrees and at most one baccalaureate degree;

  2. COM-FSM to remain a two-year college offering only associate's degrees and partner with other institutions of higher education to bring undergraduate and graduate degree programs to learners in the FSM; and

  3. 3) COM-FSM to become a full pledged university offering baccalaureate, master's and doctorate degrees."

According to COM-FSM's Vice President for Administrative Services, Mr. Joseph Habuchmai, the College plans to collaborate in other areas of four year degrees, like offering a BA in Accounting and Agriculture. President Mori commented that this type of collaboration between COM-FSM and UGO is one way to meet the objective of becoming a four year institution but manpower needs in the FSM demand more options for educational offerings from the College.

During his recent visit to UOG in December to witness his daughter's graduation, President Mori was proud to see some FSM citizens graduating in the UOG ceremony, knowing that they did some of their studying at the COM colleges in FSM, but their need to go to Guam to finish their studies reminded him of the need for our own college to offer the necessary courses for them to remain in country to finish their education and keep their skills here at home. President Mori remains committed to aiding the College in its effort to become a four-year institution.

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