Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Submits FY 2000 Supplemental Budget of $1,635,224.18 to Congress

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): January 2000 - President Leo A. Falcam has submitted a supplemental request of $1,635,224.18 to Congress for administration operations.

Among the requests is more than $300,000 for state visits to China, the United States, Israel, and Japan; a visit to Manila Philippines, for the donor's consultative group meeting; a website system for the information office; and for the representation fund.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is requesting more than $175,000 for office renovation and the purchase a new vehicle for the FSM Consulate in Guam; payment associated with the Council of Micronesia Chief Executives meeting to be held in Chuuk; reimbursement of state sales taxes charged to diplomats at embassies in the FSM; contributions to the United Nations Development Program; and to the Georgetown Initiative, a project approved by the CMCE to promote more awareness of the Micronesian region.

The Department of Finance and Administration has requested $25,000 for the salary of a deputy secretary.

The Department of Economic Affairs has requested more than $90,000 for the last three years' membership dues to the International Pepper Community and for operational support of the public enterprise reform unit to be created within the department.

The Department of Justice has requested $51,000 for retaining a law firm in Taiwan to represent the FSM to collect civil damages against Ting Hong; reimbursing the department for joint law enforcement activities in Chuuk State; and hiring a Micronesian lawyer trainee for six months.

The Department of Health, Education and Social Affairs has requested more than $48,000 to attend the United Nations Special Session in New York; and to restore funding for two food inspectors and one environmental health specialist to the fiscal year 2000 budget.

The Department of Transportation, Communication, and Infrastructure has requested $284,500 to pay debts for dry dock services and a court obligation.

The Public Auditor's Office has requested for $I 6,000 for a new copier.

The College of Micronesia - FSM has requested $493,600 for architectural drawing, engineering studies, and associated costs for infrastructure facilities being planned for the national and Chuuk campuses, which include track and field facilities and a baseball diamond.

The latest projected revenues for the fiscal year is about $49.4 minion of which $36.3 million has been appropriated, leaving about $13.1 million still available, according to a January 21 letter from the President to Speaker Jack Fritz.

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