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Building a better Chuuk resounds in state's leadership summit

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): January 11, 2002 - Building a better Chuuk State for the next 20 years was the overall theme of the summit that gathered the Leadership of Chuuk on Weno from December 3-7, 2001.

The Leadership met to discuss and determine different strategies to improve the affairs of the state and ensure the continuity of its development over the next 20 years. The leadership conference followed closely behind an Internal Consultation that was held in Palikir among the National Leadership during which issues that were impacted by the September 11 events were discussed.

Since the State of Chuuk accounts for 53% of the nation s population, the Leadership Summit was of utmost import to the state as well as the nation, given the current status of the ongoing Economic Negotiations with the United States.

Addressing the Summit, Speaker Jack Fritz of the Twelfth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia, urged the State s Leadership to meet more often to discuss the issues affecting their people and ensure the funds given to their governments to undertake programs are accounted for and expenses documented.

The outcome of the Summit were Resolutions that outlined the goals and commitments of the State, and they include:

  1. Requesting the National Government to liquidate and transfer $3 million from Chuuk s long-term investment to repay municipal funds borrowed for repair of Chuuk International Airport;

  2. To reaffirm commitment to support the roles of religious activities throughout the state which includes but not limited to supporting of parochial schools, promoting Christian values, etc;

  3. To endorse and fully committed to aggressively implement 20/20 vision Master Plan;

  4. To declare commitment to the war against drugs and other substances of abuse;

  5. Committing the state and municipal governments to take the responsibility of acquiring lands needed for dispensaries and schools within their respective municipal jurisdictions;

  6. To declare the consensus of Chuuk State Leadership to establish at least one conservation area in each of the 40 municipalities in Chuuk;

  7. To declare consensus of the Leadership summit to commit their support for the improvement, promotion and advancement of Agriculture throughout the state;

  8. To cooperate in finding sources to purchase a new caterpillar generator worth not less than $2.5 million;

  9. To declare consensus to the Leadership Summit to commit Japan Foreign Aid money earmarked for Chuuk to construct a Mariner in Weno Port to promote, attract and facilitate economic development for Chuuk;

  10. To commit full support for the health care and education system of Chuuk State by earmarking not less than 30% of state and municipal (20% state, 10% municipal) revenues for the advancement of education and health care of the people of Chuuk;

  11. To recommit and reaffirm full support to the education system or school system in Chuuk;

  12. To commit support for a continued annual leadership summit for Chuuk State and to commit financial support thereof;

  13. To commit full support for the protection of Chuuk resources and marine lives and that our environment is fully protected;

  14. To commit full support by dedicating 30% of Chuuk State annual budget to Tourism Industry in Chuuk;

  15. To ensure that woman in Chuuk are properly loved, cared for, respected and are accorded full and due recognition just like men;

  16. To ensure that state and municipal government commit funds to only worthwhile projects and programs;

  17. To fully support essential youth programs including the establishment of a Youth Commission and a Youth Center and that authorities are provided thereof;

As instruments of intentions, the resolutions, according to the Special Assistant to the President on State Matters, Samuel Nathan, have yet to be adopted as they await the completion of all the required signatures from the Chuuk Leadership.

Among the attendance at the Leadership Summit were: the Chuuk Leadership, Vice-President Redley Killion, Speaker Jack Fritz of the Twelfth FSM Congress, Chief Justice Andon B. Amaraich, Bishop Amando Samo, members of the Chuuk Delegation to the Third Constitutional Convention, members of the municipal leadership, traditional leadership, leadership of the religious community and representatives from the Women and Youth communities.

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