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Ambassador George Presents Credentials to President of Israel

Palikir, Pohnpei (Department of Foreign Affairs): January 13, 2010 - A new page in the history of the diplomatic relations between the FSM and the State of Israel was turned on 11 January 2010 when His Excellency Yosiwo P. George presented his credentials to President Shimon Peres at the Presidential Palace in Jerusalem as the FSM's Ambassador to the State of Israel, resident in Washington DC. He is the third FSM diplomatic envoy to Israel, following Ambassadors Jesse B. Marehalau and (now Vice President) Alik L. Alik, in that order, since the two countries formalized their relations on 23 November 1988.

While the State of Israel was the ninth country to recognize the FSM, it is significant to note that it was the first non-Pacific country, with the US being considered as a Pacific country, that extended recognition of the FSM's international statehood. It is just as noteworthy that Israel's extension of friendship came about at a critical stage when the new Nation sought to solidify its international statehood. This fact of history is an important element in the increasingly close friendship between the peoples of the two countries; further strengthening the common denominators in their unique relationship - namely, their love of democracy and their shared Judeo-Christian traditions.

The unique friendship between the two countries figured prominently in the friendly conversation that Ambassador George and President Peres had shortly after the formal presentation of the new Ambassador's letter of credence and the recall of his predecessor. "I may not know how big your country is, but I know how big and warm your friendship to Israel is," President Peres alluded to the FSM's staunch support of Israel at the UN and other fora. He further stated that Israel would do all it can do within its means to help the FSM with its needs. He also complimented the FSM for its unique arrangement and special friendship with the US as well, further observing that this "triangular friendship" would make it possible for the US and Israel to consider how they can collaborate their efforts in contributing to the FSM's developmental priorities.

Ambassador George reciprocated President Peres' warm welcome and expressed his sincere appreciation for accepting his credentials and for warmly receiving him and the members of his delegation. He assured the Israeli leader of his readiness to further advance the special relations between the two countries. Noting that His Excellency President Mori will be arriving within two weeks for an official working visit, Ambassador George also expressed appreciation to President Peres for receiving the President.

President Mori's program of visit is organized by Project Interchange, a non-profit educational arm of the American Jewish Committee that organizes and conducts tours, workshops or seminars on Israel for current and emerging leaders from around the world. An annual meeting between AJC representatives and FSM leaders has become a traditional exercise held at the margin of the UNGA Session every year in New York. Project Interchange has organized this visit this year for the presidents of the four Pacific Friends of Israel, namely FSM, Nauru, Palau, and the Marshall Islands. Only the presidents of the FSM and Nauru would make the visit this time.

While awaiting the arrival of President Mori and his entourage, which includes First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin S. Robert, and Permanent Representative to the UN Masao Nakayama, Ambassador George has been holding a series of meetings with officials of the Israeli Government and representatives of the private sector. The main topic of discussion, as part of the preparation for the visit of the President, is the possibility of technical assistance and economic cooperation, as well as private joint venture, in the areas of healthcare, food security (i.e., improvement in agricultural productivity, crop management, aquaculture/fish farming), human capacity-building, renewable/alternative source of energy, and telecommunications.

Ambassador Yosiwo George is accompanied on his visit by Madame Antilise Y. George and Deputy Chief of Mission James A. Naich.

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