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No Signature on Congressional Act for Repetitive Amendments to Public Laws

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): January 15, 2010 - President Mori has remained consistent in his stance on Congressional Acts that request for amendments to existing Public Laws for public project appropriations and once again has not put his signature on such an Act. According to the FSM Constitution, Article IX, Section 22, an Act becomes law without the signature of the President if he takes no action on it within 30 days of its receipt from Congress. Congressional Act No. 16-19, which amends Public Law No. 15-31, which has already been amended three times, once again looks to change the use of certain funds previously appropriated, this time for the State of Pohnpei. This is a practice that the President has spoken out against on previous occasions when he did not sign Public Laws 16-2, 16-3 and 16-4 for this same reason, and would like to see this practice happen less often.

There are only two changes being made in the Public Law 15-31 this time around. The Kapingamarangi Airport that had $113,470 appropriated in Public Law No. 16-2, lost $6,175 that was added to a line item for Construction related equipment (wheelbarrow and push-cart) that went from $3,175 to $9,175.

In his transmittal letter to Congress, President Mori again refers to this practice of repeatedly changing public project appropriations as potentially indicating indecision or weakness on the part of government planners and decision-makers. While he continues to support public projects, as seen in the signing of the most recent Public Law for public projects, Public Law No. 16-18, he believes that repeated amendments to the distribution of the funds makes these projects appear to be politically motivated and recommends that amendments to these laws be done with extreme caution.

A copy of the law, which has been designated Public Law No. 16-21, can be seen on the FSM Congress website at under the Public Laws tab and then under the 16th FSM Congress link.

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