Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Project Management Unit Opens Bids on Three Public Projects

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): January 16, 2009 - The FSM Program Management Unit (PMU) publically opened bids yesterday on three State public projects. These projects were 1) The road around Weno Island in Chuuk State which has a government estimate around $28 million, 2) Two classroom building projects in Pohnpei for Kolonia and Madolihmw elementary schools which have a government estimate of $3,070,115, and 3) One classroom building at Nanpei Memorial School in Pohnpei which has a government projected cost of $1,504,897. The bidding period was from October 15, 2008 through January 15, 2009. Bidding closed yesterday at 4:00 PM in the FSM Central Conference Facility at Palikir and PMU Contracting Officer, Mr. Robert A. Westerfield III, publically opened the bids and read them out loud to a small audience of contractors and the public.

For the project on the road in Weno, only one bid was submitted. There were several bids on the classroom projects, including some by local contractors. The PMU will meet to tabulate the results of the bids and convene an evaluation committee to find the lowest bid that meets the criteria of being responsive, which means it has met all of the criteria for a proper bid, and is responsible, which means that they have the equipment, source of funding and ability to complete the project as it is set forth.

The PMU is expected to have the results of the evaluation committee report out early next week and announce the winning bids.

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