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President Calls for updating existing Sectoral Plans with new Policy on Climate Change

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): January 25, 2010 - With the approval of the new FSM Nationwide Climate Change Policy last month, President Mori is now calling on all Department, Office and Agency Heads to revisit and update the existing sectoral plans and develop new ones for sectors that have no plans, incorporating climate change measures where necessary.

The new Climate Change Policy establishes the climate change vision and goals of the FSM and the process to attain these goals. While the main solutions to remedy climate change by reducing and/or eliminating the emission of greenhouse gasses requires adequate international agreements, this policy details FSM's part in both mitigating greenhouse gases and adapting to climate change.

The new Policy calls for the implementation of climate change in the FSM by mainstreaming and integrating climate change into other policies, strategies and action plans. Currently, climate change has been reflected in some of the sectors and in the FSM Strategic Development Plan and the Infrastructure Development Plan. President Mori has designated the Office of Environment and Emergency Management as the lead agency to assist all departments in adequately reflecting climate change measures in their sectoral plan development.

The President has set a deadline of December 1, 2010 for the time by which all relevant sectoral plans are to be developed or updated with climate change measures.

A copy of the FSM Nationwide Climate Change Policy can be viewed on the website of the President at the following link:

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