Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Executive Branch transmits new Supplementary Budget Request to Congress

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): January 27, 2010 - The FSM Executive Branch has sent up a new Supplementary Budget request to Congress for consideration during the Third Regular Session. This new supplemental request contains a total of $2.27 million and supersedes the previous supplementary request that was sent up during the Second Special Session in November of 2009.

The new request, based off of revenue projections as of January 15, 2010 that shows there is $3.1 million, would leave around $800,000 in the general fund. The contents of the request are for budget items for FY2010 that are needed for the effective operations of the National Government departments, offices and agencies. The breakdown of the supplemental budget is as follows:

  1. Department of Resources and Development $72,000

    a. $22,000 for the implementation of the Micronesian Challenge activities

    b. $50,000 for Executive Task Force on FSM Fisheries Rehabilitation project

  2. Judiciary Branch $20,000

    a. $20,000 to help defray cost of medical referral for Chief Justice Amariach

  3. Compact Review Committee $150,000

    a. The funds will enable the Compact Review Committee to coordinate essential parts of the 5-Year Compact Review with RMI and Palau as well as the US Executive Branch and members of the US Congress, to ensure that desired objectives sought by the FSM will be achieved.

  4. FSM Trust Fund Committee $25,000

    a. To provide funds for the FSM Trust Fund Committee to meet and reassess the advisory, money management, and administrative arm of the Fund to improve overall performance in order to achieve financial equilibrium.

  5. President's Outer Island Visits $40,000

    a. The funding requested is for the President's official visit to the outer islands of Yap, Pohnpei and Chuuk.

  6. Department of TC&I $406,518

    a. $36,518 to fulfill the FSM National Government's required matching share of the IMF fund.

    b. $100,000 for rehabilitation of the facilities at the FSM Capitol complex that are in dire need of repair and renovation.

    c. $270,000 to repair the unexpected failure of the bow door and ramp on the MV Caroline Voyager.

  7. National Scholarship $250,000

    a. This amount is for the National Scholarship fund for FSM students that are currently in post secondary institutions and need financial assistance to continue their college education. This will cater to students who are undergraduate seniors or are in graduate, law, medical, or engineering colleges or programs.

  8. MLFC Loan Payment $100,000

    a. This funding is requested for the loan payment for the Micronesian Longline Fisheries Corporation.

  9. Department of Justice $511,475

    a. $76,920 for the reclassification of Immigration Personnel as their respective scope of work was expanded with added responsibilities and with higher level of difficulties in discharging and performing their assigned tasks without compensation.

    b. $250,000 for the dry-docking of the FSS Independence to extend the life of the boat to maintain its capability to patrol the EES and to apprehend fishing violators and other purposes.

    c. $34,555 is requested to establish an Attorney General's branch office in Chuuk.

    d. $150,000 is requested to procure blank passports.

  10. National Election Office $29,975

    a. The funding is requested to clear the outstanding billings from the March 2009 Congressional Election in Chuuk.

  11. NORMA $88,444

    a. The requested amount is for the work to support the FSM's submission of the Continental Shelf Extension to the U.N. Commission.

  12. Office of the President $500,000

    a. For public education of the populace on the plebiscite for proposed amendments to the Constitution.

  13. Postal Service $15,338

    a. Founding for the travel needs of this agency to begin the preliminary meetings between the FSM and U.S. Postal System on an outstanding issue.

  14. Department of Foreign Affairs $66,150

    a. $20,000 for the purchase of a vehicle for the Japan Mission Office

    b. $36,150 for office space rental for the Honolulu Consulate Office for the decentralization of passport processing.

    c. $10,000 for fixed assets for the new ambassador's residence.

At a meeting between the Vice President, Cabinet members, and the Congressional Committee to wait on the President, Vice President Alik briefed the committee members on the supplemental request, highlighting important items that need funding for the continuation of essential services. The Vice President instructed the Cabinet members to make sure that the proper people from the departments attend the public hearings that will be scheduled to provide additional information and support on these supplemental items.

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