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PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): February 2000 - Congress gave its approval to many of President Leo A. Falcam's nominations to government boards but only after some serious policy discussion.

Discussions pertaining to Henry Falan for the Yap seat on the College of Micronesia- FSM Board of Regents focused on statements he gave in committee testimony.

According to an amendment to the Health, Education, and Social Affairs standing committee report, Falan said "Although he has entertained thoughts of independent state campuses in the past, as a (sic) FSM citizen, he recognizes the need for collaboration among the states and the College in the form of a unified national campus."

Pohnpei State Senator Resio Moses zeroed in on this saying maybe Falan will change his mind again once he takes his seat on the Board.

"At one point in time he supported independent campuses - now he seems to have mixed feelings about the policy," said Moses.

After about 20 minutes of discussion, Moses pointed out to the Congress that Falan is a "-very learned man and independent in his ways. He is already a challenge to Yap," said the senator.

Chuuk State Speaker Jack Fritz told the Congress that if the nominee does not follow what the Congress sees as the national interest, they can remove him.

When time came to vote, Falan did not receive the seat.

Brian Issac's nomination to represent the national government on the COM-FSM Board first received deferment, but later passed. Some concern to the amount of time Issac had to do well on the Board received scrutiny. When his vote came up, he passed.

Isaac is one of two medical doctors in private practice on Pohnpei Island.

Podius Pedrus received the nod of Congress to represent Pohnpei State on the College Board.


In the press release, it is reported that Henry Falan won approval to the Yap seat on the College of Micronesia- FSM Board of Regents. He did not receive approval. We are sorry for any inconvenience this error has caused.

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