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Yap Fishing Authority General Manager Position Opens

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): February 6, 1997 - The Board of Directors of the Yap Fishing Authority has determined the position of General Manager for the Yap Fishing Authority to be vacant and wishes to inform all interested and qualified individuals in the State of Yap and throughout the Federated States of Micronesia and in areas outside of the Federated States of Micronesia in Guam, Saipan, Palau, Marshall Islands, and in the Forum island countries in the South Pacific to apply by sending a letter along with a resume and letters of reference to: Mr. Jesse Raglmar-SUBOLMAR, Chairman, Board of Directors, Yap Fishing Authority, Post Office Box 471, Colonia, Yap, Western Caroline Islands, FM 96943, Federated States of Micronesia, Phone: (691) 350-2166, Fax (691) 350-4467 or 4430.

Yap Fishing Authority is an agency of the Government of the State of Yap established by law to promote, develop, and support commercial utilization of living marine resources within the State of Yap and is run under the policy direction of a Board of Directors. The duties and powers of the Authority as established by law are: to provide guidance to the State Government in establishing marine resources development policy; to adopt and enforce rules and regulations concerning its operation and the exploitation of living marine resources as permitted by law; to serve as a conduit for public funds to establish and operate facilities required for commercial fisheries development, to conduct pilot fishing operations and commercial fisheries development, to conduct pilot fishing operation and to participate in large-scale commercial fishing, including joint ventures, and related activities which are not suitable for investment in the private sector; and to establish and support programs to promote, support and guide fishing cooperative associations.

With the current policy of the State of Yap which emphasizes the early achievement of a "self-sustaining economy and society" for the State of Yap, the Yap Fishing Authority is asked to do far more to bring development to the fisheries sector and in so doing generate greater revenue from the exploitation of the marine resources of the State of Yap by its commercial fishing activities and by attracting foreign investment partners to invest in the fishing industry in the State of Yap.

Under able, farsighted, and innovative leadership, the Board of Directors believes that the Authority will derive and achieve its mandate to promote, develop and support the commercial fishing industry within the State of Yap.

The Authority currently has a number of small-size longline boats and several smaller handline fishing boats that engage in bottom fishing and near shore fishery. The Authority has the only operating slipway in this part of the Pacific and which the incumbent will be responsible in developing a viable and appropriate business plan for the Authority to operate as a business and for slipway as a revenue-generating facility. The Authority has a freezer and a chill room which supports its fish processing of tuna loins for export to markets in Guam and beyond. The incumbent will be responsible in the improvement of this operation, which may include joint venturing or doing business with a foreign partner to secure the market for the product and needed investment to improve the operation.

The incumbent to this position is expected to be a person who has knowledge and experience in the field of fisheries in Pacific Island states, and in business management and business planning. The person is expected to provide hands-on leadership that will provide guidance to the staff of the Authority and ensure efficiency of operation and the use of the limited resources of the authority.

The incumbent is directly responsible to the Board of Directors of the Authority for the operation and implementation of approved programs and activities and the financial management of the Authority.

Compensation: The incumbent will be paid an attractive compensation with a base salary of US $19,000 and will be provided a bonus when it is determined by the Board of Directors that the incumbent has performed exceptionally well for the Authority in a given year. Where there is no qualified local person and a person from outside of Yap State and/or Micronesia is hired, his or her salary will be a matter to negotiate and his or her travel from point of hire will be paid by the Authority along with the freight of 2,000 pounds of household effects. Housing will be provided for incumbent's use.

Closing of Announcement: This announcement is for a period of thirty (30) days commencing on January 15, 1997 and ending February 16, 1997. Those applying should apply by sending a letter to the Chairman of the Authority at the address provided above along with at least two letters of reference attesting to the qualifications and experience of the incumbent, and any other materials or information that will support the incumbent's application.

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