Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Office of International Affairs approved OMIP for Kosrae

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): February 10, 1998 - President Jacob Nena, on January 15, informed Kosrae Governor Moses Mackwelung that the Office of International Affairs (OIA), U.S. Department of Interior, under the Operation and Maintenance Improvement Program (OMIP) has granted an award of $150,000, for the Kosrae State's Third Year of School Building Maintenance program.

Also, the OIA has approved a request for reprogramming of OMIP-KOS-94-1 grant.

To proceed with the implementation of the said programs, President Nena transmitted to Governor Mackwelung the grant award documents for OMIP-KOS-97-1 project, together with the Compliance and Assurance Forms for Mackwelung's review and signatures of concurrence with the terms and conditions of the grant.

Mackwelung was requested to return the signed documents with his government's request for an advise of allotment to the FSM Department of Finance and Administration for processing.

The Department of Interior's OMIP was intended to develop a maintenance program and plan for Kosrae State's Education Department; to upgrade capabilities of the department's staff, and upgrade facilities from the current state to a level where regular maintenance program level can become effective, a Kosrae Department Of Education OMIP Action Plan (July 25, 1996) program document stated.

A three-year funding program involves a $75,000 from each the Department of Interior (DOI) and the State of Kosrae's Capital Account for the first year. The second year's funding sources consists of $125,000 from DOI; $75,000 from Kosrae's Capital Account, and $100,000 from FSM Congress PL 7-96; and the funding for the third year of the OMIP, composed of $150,000 from each the DOI and Kosrae State Capital Account or the State Legislature.

The third year's work will be on the classrooms at Tafunsak Elementary School identified in a survey conducted by Ostgren Associate. The Education Building Maintenance Group (EBMG) composed of Education Department's Building Maintenance Personnel, Contract Carpenter and plumbers, Vocational Education staff and students, and the department's administrative and supporting staff.

Work will be performed outside of normal class hours, during summer and Christmas breaks to avoid class interruptions, the document stated.

The $150,000 is broken-down as follows: $130,000 for materials for building maintenance and $20,000 for contractual services of EBMG.

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