Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

5th Pohnpei State Legislature re-organized

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): February 11, 2002 - The reorganization of the 5th Pohnpei Legislature began after Speaker Felician M. Perman call the 7th Regular Session to order on January 14, 2002, at the Legislative Chamber Hall in Pei Lapalap Dolen Kutoar, the State Capitol Hill. A few changes were made to the reorganization.

Election of the Legislature Leadership started with Senator Feliciano M. Perman from Sokehs retaining his seat as the Speaker. Senator Quirino I. Mendiola from Nett was re-elected as Vice Speaker for the second time during this 5th Pohnpei Legislature. An unexpected change was made when Senator Fernando Scaliem from Kolonia Town glided into the seat of Floor Leader. Senator Scaliem replaced former Floor Leader Senator Berney Martin from Kitti.

The chairmanship and vice chairman for each standing committee are as follows:

The Assembly once again granted Senator Naiten O. Phillip from Madolenihmw to chair the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, and allowing Senator Edgar Lickaneth to keep his seat as Vice Chairman for the Committee.

Senator Bellarmine Helgenberger from Madolenihmw became the Chairman for the Committee on Finance while Senator Nihlist Ernest still occupied the post of Vice Chairmanship for the Committee.

Senator Ausen T. Lambert from Sokehs and Senator Nancy Salomon from Madolenihmw retained their posts as Chairman and Vice Chairman for the Committee on Health and Social Services, respectively.

Senator Francisco R. Joseph from Nett still holds the chairmanship for the Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operation, while Senator Dahker D. Daniel retained the Vice-Chairman for the Committee on J&GO.

Senator Victor Edwin and Senator Tesiwo Liwy are likewise maintaining their positions as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Land.

For the Committee on Public Works, Transportation and Communication, Senator Fredricko O. Primo from U is still the Chairman for the Committee on PWTC with Senator Sylvester Wolphagen from Sapwuahfik, holding onto the position of Vice Chairman for the Committee.

Senator Sailas Henry from Mwoakilloa is still the Chairman for the Committee on Resources and Development while Senator Peter M. Lohn from Sokehs became Vice Chairman of the Committee on R&D when Senator Francisco Ioanis from Kitti declined his nomination.

Other matters of interest - As being the tradition of the Pohnpei Lawmakers, Speaker Feliciano M. Perman appointed Floor Leader Fernando Scaliem, Senator Francisco Joseph and Senator Sailas Henry to inform Governor Johnny P. David that the 5th Pohnpei Legislature is ready to transact business. The Assembly agreed to go into recess awaiting the call of the Speaker, at which time the Special Committee will present its report after waiting upon the Governor.

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