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Macheweichum takes first prize in competition at Youth Rally

WENO, Chuuk (FSM Information Service): February 2000 - The singing group from Macheweichun took away first prize in the two-day Youth 2000 Rally held February 18 and 19 at Andersen Field in Weno, Chuuk.

Second place went to the group from Oneisom; third-place prize was shared between Nomisofo and Toleinsom.

Competition was very difficult to judge, and the difference between first and third places was only a five tenths of a point.

Judges said a live point scale was used with group enthusiasm audience response, percentage of those within the group actually singing and showing they were into their music.

Judges said they felt the Macheweichun group, who performed right after the lunch break on the first day, showed great energy and was able to quickly get the audience moving with the rhythm despite the audience's sleepiness after a big lunch and the warm climate.

The group also interacted well and was very much into their music, announced Presenta Sablan Shirai, special assistant on Youth Affairs in Chuuk State when telling the youth the winners. Shirai did not participate in the judging. The group scored four point eight (4.8) on the five point scale.

The group from Oneisom performed on the second day. They also displayed an energy that soon took over the audience. Even the FSM Congressional Speaker Jack Fritz could be seen keeping the beat. This group scored four point five (4.5).

The groups from Nomisofo and Toleisom were both very good and performed similarly.

The group from Toleinsom was by far the largest group, and with more than 110 participants, they overshadowed everyone else. Their silent entrances by twos, whether to perform or to enter the field from their lunch breaks dominated the scene. Well disciplined, they moved as an army and commanded audience respect and attention.

This scored highly with the judges, but the audience, perhaps out of respect for the respectful stances of the group or because of its shear size, sat rigid through the performances given both days.

Nomisofo was half the size of Toleinsom, thus was able to perform on the stage. Both groups harmonized well and wore uniforms, but their body motions were more subdued than the groups that took first and second, and this reflected in the audience's not reacting. They both scored four point three (4.3) points.

First prize consisted of $350; second, $250; andthird,$150. A key board was given to first and second-prize winners. The third place group was to be given a keyboard also, but because it was a tie, exactly who would get the keyboard would have to be determined among themselves, said Shirai.

AU other groups participating received $I 00 each. Other groups that participated were Weno, Uman, Tonoas, Moch-Sefin Oneisom, and Nomwisafo.

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