Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Disaster, Finance and Budget Officers Met

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): February 16, 1998 - FSM National and State Disaster, Finance and Budget Office representatives met from Feb 9 to 11, at the FSM Capital in Palikir, to review and update disaster control manual including finance procedures relative to FEMA projects, according to John Mangefel, one of the President's Designate Disaster and Special Programs Coordinators.

The participants reviewed the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Plan, the FEMA financial procedures and to make recommendations for adoption and implementation.

The HGMP Plan requires annual review and updating by the States. Gamule from FSM Finance and Brigida Edgar from FSM Budget, John Mangefel, Josaiah Waguk and Oleen Poll from the President's Office; Dais Lorin, Murphy Lipai and Thomas Pablo from Pohnpei State; Ermes siales, Erik Paul, Nick Andon and Presenta Shirai from Chuuk; John Soglith, Albert Fal'ruw, Paul Grapith and Kensley Ikosia from Yap; and Ilai Abraham, Tihser Raynold and Carmina Tulensru from Kosrae.

In the previous week, from February 2 to 6, the FSM Disaster Control Office staff State Disaster Control Officers had a one week meeting in the State of Kosrae with Ms. Susan Murray from FEMA who is the HMGP Coordinator for the FSM from Pacific Area Office, FEMA, Hawaii.

The purpose of the meeting is to follow up on the progress made since the previous meetings with FEMA officials from Region Nine on the outstanding FEMA projects in various FSM States.

At the meeting in Kosrae, Lt. Goernor of Kosrae, Gerson Jackson delivered the opening remarks welcoming them to his state and wished them a productive and successful meeting.

A reception in honor of the meeting participnts was hosted by the State Government at the end of the meeting.

Participants included John Mangefel, Josaiah Waguk and Oleen Poll from the President's Office; Dais Lorrin and Murphy Lipai from Pohnpei; John Soglith and Albert Fal'ruw from Yap; Ermes Siales and Eric Paul from Chuuk and Ilai Abraham from Kosrae.

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