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Chuuk's Governor challenges the legislature

WENO, Chuuk (FSM Information Service): February 2000 - Chuuk State Governor Ansito Walter will be challenging the Chuuk Legislature to come up with funds to match the FSM government's $1.8 million to improve state infrastructure.

Walter said in a recent interview that he would lay down the challenge at the upcoming Leadership Conference to be held in Chuuk Beginning March 6.

The matching funds would be earmarked for the state hospital, dispensaries, and classrooms, said Walter.

"All our schools must have tile on the floors, ceiling fans, and security and mosquito screens. Each school building must have a restroom and each school must have a water catchment," said Walter.

"We have set standards that must be met; our classrooms must be conducive to learning," said the Governor.

The Governor has recently seen some of his aggressive renovation schemes at the state's hospital bear fruit with the complete renovation of three emergency rooms and a pediatric ward, which were done by the U.S. Civil Action Team.

The CAT will begin a similar renovation project in the obstetric and gynecology ward next week, said United States Air Force Captain David C. Piech, officer in charge CAT 99-03.

The Governor said that now he needs to complete the ongoing runway project at the Chuuk International Airport.

To help raise the $1.2 million required to finish the runway, he said he signed a bill recently raising the airport departure fee to $15.

The Governor said that he intends for the fees collected to be used for the airport expansion and runway.

He urged them to develop a "profound commitment to teamwork and unity" to make Chuuk a beautiful place to attract tourism and industry.

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