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Ten more citizens complete Japan fisheries training

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): February 19, 2002 - On February 15, the Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia in Japan, reported that 10 more citizens have completed the 2001 Fishery Crewman On-Board training course in Japan.

The graduates were awarded their certificates of completion at a ceremony held at the Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) in Tokyo. The training is conducted every year under the aegis of the OFCF with the cooperation of the fisheries associations.

The FSM participants were sponsored by the Japan Far Seas Purse Seine Fishing Association, also know in its abbreviated Japanese name - Kaimaki.

The graduates included:

Chuuk(2): Tairak Norry and Litoulo Samson;

Kosrae(3): Waguk H. Nena, Siba Basi Norston and Abraham Dwight Rooston;

Pohnpei(1): Roby Jones;

Yap(4): Athanasio Emaengilpy, Hasoso Lawrence, Joseph Jerry Sewalpy and Akira P. Walton.

The Micronesian Fisheries Authority and the Japan Far Seas Fisheries Association had selected the trainees early last year to attend the 2001- 2002 On Board Fisheries Training Program.

Sponsored by the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation (OFCF), the training prepares young Micronesians to work on Japanese purse seine fishing vessels licensed to fish and operate in the FSM Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Deputy Director of MFA, Eugene Pangelinan, said the training contributes to the development of the fishery industry in both countries, "Japan and FSM see this as a mutually beneficial program that will only strengthen the bilateral fisheries relationship, therefore both countries have worked very hard to ensure that this program is a success."

During the first three months in Japan, the graduates underwent intensive training in the Japanese culture and language. Afterwards, they each spent the remaining months in their respective specialized fields, which included on-board job training programs. All the trainees specialized in purse seine.

Since the programs inception in 1989, over 120 FSM citizens have graduated from the training program. The program is specifically designed for citizens of FSM and Indonesia.

Upon completion of the course, the graduates have the opportunity to work on the Japanese fishing vessels. There are currently over 50 FSM citizens employed on various fishing vessels from Japan.

Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission, John Fritz represented the FSM Embassy at the ceremonies and offered his congratulation the FSM participants. He was joined by Koichiro Sato, Sakae Terao and other Kaimaki officials who also expressed their satisfaction that the FSM's participants this year did well.

The officials hoped that what the graduates had learned would contribute positively to the development of the FSM's fishing industry.

In April, ten more trainees are scheduled to arrive in Japan for the 2002 training course.

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