Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSMASA Holds First Meeting

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM INFORMATION SERVICE), February 19, 1997 - The newly appointed members of the FSM Amateur Sports Association (FSMASA) convened their first meeting at the Central Facilities at the FSM Capital in Palikir, Pohnpei, February 17, 1997.

At-Large members who attended the organizing meeting included Dr. Elinel K. Pretrick, Bethwel Henry, Sebastian Anefal, Tony Otto, Rensley Sigrah, Nick Andon, Elizabeth Yamada, Willy Hawley, Kun Isaac, Johnson Asher and State Representatives Ted Rutun, Yap; Fancy Marcus, Chuuk; and Maker Palsis, Kosrae. Absent from the opening meeting were At-Large members Tesiwo Liwy from Pohnpei and Pohnpei State representative Solpisio Salvador.

Other sports officials included Bermin Weilbacher, who chaired the 1995 FSM Games Media Committee and Lucas Carlos from Pohnpei State. Staffing the meeting were Jim Tobin, FSM Sports Director, and Sosiro Yamamura, FSM Youth Coordinator.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Pretrick congratulated the new FSMASA Board Members and expressed his appreciation for their attendance in the organizational meeting adding that the meeting is a very important meeting as deliberations will involve the Second FSM Games scheduled for July 16-26, 1997, in the State of Kosrae.

Pretrick urged his colleagues to keep in mind the importance of unity and youth development in the FSM while making important decisions so that when they leave, they would feel a sense of satisfying accomplishment. He stated that with the establishment of the Sports Office in the Department of Health Services and the creation of FSM Amateur Sports Association enables the FSM national government to organize and coordinate both state and national sports activities which provides opportunity for training of youth athletes to share with peers from other countries friendship, goodwill and sportsmanship.

The FSM has been successful in attaining membership in various Sports Federations, including baseball, basketball, table tennis, weightlifting, softball, volleyball, athletics and lawn tennis, and is pursuing membership in the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which Pretrick predicts will be possible within the next two years.

The FSMASA elected Dr. Pretrick as President of the Association; Rensley Sigrah, Vice President; Bethwel Henry, Secretary; and Nick Andon as Treasurer.

Tobin gave an overview of the preparations by the State of Kosrae and his office for the upcoming Second FSM Games. Governor Mackwelung has consented to be the overall Chairman and has established and appointed sub-committee chairmen, including committees on logistics, sports activities, protocol, security, ground transportation, catering and food, fundraising, medical, competition, venue, program, athlete's village, finance, and queen contest committee on which the Board must make the final decision.

The Board must finalize decisions on recommended dates of the games, number of athletes and officials from each state; what sport or sports in which they will participate; keeping in mind the financial and logistic limitations and bearing in mind the goal of upgrading abilities, skills of athletes and officials to standards of various Sports Federations and the IOC.

The Board covered the agenda items including status reports by each state representative including plans, construction and renovation of sports facilities. The proceeds of the 1995 Games Queen Contest, which raised $217,000, leaving $150,000 after expenses, $20,000 of which was reserved for scholarship for the Queen and $130,000 for development of sports facilities as recommended by the Queen Contest Committee. However, no final decision has yet been made and the Board Members expressed their desire to settle the matter soon. Meanwhile, it was reported that the $150,000 is invested in two Time Certificate of Deposits (TCD) at the Bank of the FSM.

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