Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Budget and election issues dominate last Regular Session of the 14th FSM Congress

Palikir, POHNPEI(FSM Information Service): February 20, 2007 - The Sixth and last Regular Session of the Fourteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia adjourned January 26 2007, with adoption budget and election issues addressed.

Significant among the adopted financial measures is Public Law 14-99, which appropriated funds for the National Government operations for the second half Fiscal Year 2007. Under PL. 14-99, an appropriation of $34,294,616 is to fund the operations of the three Branches of the National Government, its agencies, various programs, grants, subsidies and contributions and to establish a capital and human resources development budget for Fiscal Year 2007.

In accordance with PL. 14-99, the funding is apportioned as follows:

  • $ 15,440,322 towards operations of the Executive Branch which covers the Office of the President, the six National Departments, the Office of Public Defender and the Office of Compact Management;

  • $ 3,222,164 towards operation expenses of the Legislative Branch or the FSM Congress which also includes all the Delegation Offices in the States;

  • $ 1,103,035 for the Judiciary Branch;

  • $ 1,007,510 towards operations of the National Public Auditor's Office;

  • $ 1,437,418 for operating expenses of the National Government agencies, which include: (which includes, National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA), Coconut Development Authority (CDA), the COM-FSM Board of Regents, FSM Banking Board, FSM Postal Services and the National Fisheries Corporation(NFC).

The remaining 12,084,167 is allotted towards the Special Programs, Grants, Subsidies and Contributions and Capital and Human Resources Development Budget.

Another new measure is Public Law 14-100, which appropriated a funding of $105,000 for purposes of financing $45,000 for the President's visit to the outer islands of Chuuk and Pohnpei, $40,000 for assistance to the National Elections Office for Administration of 2007 National Elections in Chuuk along with security for the Special Polling places and finally $20,000 towards the President's representation fund.

Public Laws 14-101 and 14-102 are amendments to certain funds appropriated in previous laws for various public projects in the States.

Nine new Congressional Resolutions were also adopted during the Sixth Regular Session, and they are:

Congressional Resolution 14-84, confirming the nomination of Ready Johnny as an Associate Justice of the FSM Supreme Court;

CR. 14-102, setting the ceiling of the total funds estimated to be available for appropriations from the general fund of the FSM for fiscal year ending September 30, 2007;

CR. 14-103, recognizing Mr. Mau Piailug of Satawal, Yap State for his accomplishment in traditional navigation;

CR. 14-104, Recognizing Mr. Lubuw Falanruw of Yap for his achievements as founder, CEO and President of Digital Mediums LLC;

CR. 14-108, ratifying the amendments to the FSM arrangement for Regional Fisheries Access;

CR. 14-109, ratifying the amendment to the agreement among Pacific Islands States concerning the implementation and administration of the Treaty on Fisheries between Governments of certain Pacific Island States and the Government of the United States of America.

CR. 14-110, thanking the US Embassy in Kolonia, Pohnpei, the Pacific Basin Rotary Club, the Guam Community, the US 374th Airlift Wing at Yokota Air Base in Japan and the Anderson Air Force base in Guam for the continued operation Christmas Drop to the remote islands in the FSM.

CR. 14-113, to shorten the Sixth Regular Session of the fourteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

CR. 14-114, to consider and approve a partnership agreement between the European Community and the FSM on Fishing in the FSM.

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