Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Thirty-one candidates in Congress race

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM INFORMATION SERVICE): February 27, 2003 - Voters of the Federated States of Micronesia will be at the polls next week to decide on their representatives to the Thirteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

On March 04, the FSM will select among the 31 candidates their choice for the 14 Congressional seats of the nation. This years election will also seat the at-large representatives whom are all eligible for the Presidency and Vice Presidency.

The office of the National Election Director (NED) said they are primed for the upcoming elections with new procedures to ensure an accurate and timely election process. The National Elections Deputy Director, Job Micah, indicated that foremost among the instated procedures is the decentralizing of ballot tabulation, "each ballot box will be tabulated on site and officially transmitted to each National Election Commissioners Office where each Commissioner will compile and certify all transmitted results."

Micah said he is confident that the new procedures will ensure timely compilation of results, which he speculates may be within 24-hours from the closing of the polls.

The hotly contended congressional seats include: 10 - two year seats and four - at large seats. The candidates vying for the seats include:


At-large (4-yr Seat): Redley Killion and Jack Fritz;
District 1: Henry Asugar, Herner S. Braiel, Kachuo Eko and Fabian Sitan Nimea;
District 2: Roosevelt D. Kansou;
District 3: Sabino S. Asor, Joseph Kasian, Wiseman Moses, Joahnnes A. Serious, Sipenuk, Rockudson Tomy and Sanphy Pio William;
District 4: John R. Petewon and Tiwiter Aritos;
District 5: Moses A. Nelson.


At-large: Jacob Nena and Alik L. Alik;
2-yr Seat: Claude H. Phillip.


At-large: Leo A. Falcam, Mohner Esiel and Resio S. Moses;
District 1: Dohsis S. Halbert;
District 2: Onlino I. Lawrence, Dion G. Neth and Herman P. Semes;
District 3: Peter M. Christian and Pauli J. Rodriquez.


At-large: Joseph J. Urusumal (Incumbent) and Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar;
2-yr Seat: Isaac Figir.

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