Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

$10.00 per Departing Passenger at Pohnpei International Airport

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service) - Effective October 15, this year, departure fee to be collected at the Pohnpei International Airport by Pohnpei Port Authority is increased from $5.00 to $10.00 per departing passenger. An amendment approved by the Board of Directors of the Pohnpei Port Authority and concurred by the Governor Del S. Pangelinan.

Increasing for the airport departure fee at the Pohnpei International Airport from the existing rate of five dollars ($5.00) per departing passenger to ten dollars ($10.00) per departing passenger.

The purpose of the departure fee increase is to help the Pohnpei Port Authority meet increased operation and maintenance costs required to operate the Pohnpei International Airport. Until now, the departure fee at the Pohnpei International Airport has been the lowest in comparison to the departure fees at the other airports in the FSM. The departure fee increase shall be implemented by amending Section 12.3 of the Pohnpei Port Authority's Airport Rules and Regulations to read as follows: Section 12.3: Passenger Facility Service Charge - to cover costs of operations and maintenance of terminal buildings and other airport facilities, a service charge calculated on the basis of ten dollars ($10.00) per departing passenger at the main terminal building at the Pohnpei International Airport shall be paid to the Authority by each passenger departing from the Pohnpei International Airport. The charge may be included in the passenger ticket price by agreement with the airline companies servicing Pohnpei State. If the charge is not included in the passenger ticket price, each departing passenger shall pay the charge directly to the Authority.


  • Diplomats;
  • United States Military personnel;
  • transit passengers who arrive and depart from the Pohnpei International Airport within twenty-four (24) hours on the same flight and aircraft;
  • medical referral patients and their attendants and
  • children under the age of two (2) years.

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