Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

National elections set for next Tuesday

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): March 01, 2005 - On Tuesday March 8, citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia will go to the polls to elect their representatives to the Fourteenth Congress of the FSM.

The official listing of candidates registered for the national elections are:


D1: 1. Henry C. Asugar (I), 2. Lander Simor 3. Peter S. Sitan;
D2: 1. Anna W. Mijares, 2. Manikis Manny Sonis, 3. Roosevelt D. Kansou (I), 4. Tesime Kofot;
D3: 1. Sabino S. Asor (I), 2. Simiram Sipenuk;
D4: 1. Tiwiter Aritos (I), 2. Willie W-3 Williander;
D5: 1. Adanasio Smith, 2. Masachiro Christlib, 3. Moses A. Nelson (I).


D1: 1. Claude H. Phillip (I), 2. Patterson Benjamin


D1: 1. Dohsis Halbert (I);
D2: 1. Dion G. Neth (I), 2. Herman P. Semes, 3. Ponsper Martin;
D3: 1. Peter M. Christian (I).


D1: 1. Isaac V. Figir (I), 2. Fidelis Thiyer.

Incidentally, Chuuk State is also holding its General Elections for its both the Executive and Legislative Branches.

In addition to the Congress elections, three proposed amendments have also been placed on the ballots to amend the Constitution. The proposed amendments became law in January awaiting the people's ratification by vote, which is 3/4 of votes cast during the national elections.

The proposed amendments are:

1. Dual Citizenship (Public Law No. 13-65), removes the constitutional prohibition on dual citizenship, with the FSM Congress regulating the discretion of eligibility criteria.

2. Full Faith and Credit (PL No. 13-67), requires each FSM State to give fill faith and credit to public acts, records and judicial proceedings of every other state.

3. Diversity Jurisdiction (PL No. 13-69), removes or limits the diversity jurisdiction of the national courts in cases involving ownership of land or waters.

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