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Another 24 Chuuk Trainees to graduate from CME Guam

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): March 1, 2011 - On March 20, twenty-four trainees from Chuuk will be graduating from the Center of Micronesian Empowerment in Guam. "This Graduation will mark another turning point in the Guam-Chuuk relations," explained Mike Ghiglione, Executive Director of CME, "as we graduate another group of Chuuk's best and brightest." As of today, 58% of the graduating trainees have obtained full-time employment in Guam.

"We are working very hard every single day to ensure that all 24 trainees are in full-time jobs before Graduation Day," said Mike Ghiglione, Executive Director of CME. "Limus Setik, our most recent placement," added Ghiglione, "is starting with a salary of $15.00 per hour!"

In the upcoming months, CME hopes to be offering two new training programs: a 90-Day "Certified Nursing Assistant" program, open for 12 trainees, both women and men are encouraged to apply; and a 90-Day "Automotive Technology Mechanics" program, also open to 12 trainees. Both new programs are scheduled to begin on May 2.

Ghiglione underscored that not one of their trainees had been deported or arrested, nor do any of them have any kind of police record on Guam. "They are all doing well," said Ghiglione, "I am bursting with pride for all of the 24 Chuuk trainees."

Today, Secretary Casiano Shoniber, FSM Department of Education, and Assistant Secretary for Vocational Education Wilson Kephas, will be visiting the CME campus and meeting with some of the trainees.

CME is dedicated to training and placing local workers into full time paying jobs made possible because of the Guam military buildup. To date, CME, a private non-profit workforce development company, will have successfully placed 214 underserved residents from throughout Micronesia and Guam into full time employment. CME's mission is to improve the quality and quantity of workers from the region to insure that the positive economic development effects of the Guam military build-up are realized for the residents of all of Micronesia.

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