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President Manny Mori completes his first Official State Visit to Pohnpei State

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): March 7, 2008 - President Manny Mori undertook his first Official State Visit to Pohnpei State when he formally visited the State Government in conjunction with the delivery by Governor John Ehsa of his first State of the State Address at the Pohnpei Legislature Chamber on February 22, 2008.

President Mori said he was appreciative to the traditional leadership of Pohnpei and to Governor Ehsa and Speaker Nelson Pelep for agreeing to his first Official Visit to Pohnpei State during this occasion. Members of his Cabinet and other senior officers of the National Government Executive Branch accompanied the President during the Official State Visit.

In his speech to the assembled Pohnpei State leadership at the Pohnpei Legislature Chamber, President Mori said that Official State Visits are important for bringing the National Government closer to the State and Local Governments, and exchanging views on important national-states issues. The President said that, most importantly, the State Visits offer the opportunity for the national Government to listen and hear from the State on matters that are most important to the State.

President Mori said he decided to proceed with the State Visit to Pohnpei even though Governor Ehsa had not yet been able to form his Cabinet because it was only proper that Pohnpei be the first State on which he pays an Official State Visit as it is the home of the nation's capital.

President Mori thanked the Pohnpei leadership for hosting the National Government and for the State's continuing support. He noted that the capital's location in Pohnpei gave the State greater access to the National Government. At the same time there was also greater incentive for the National Government to closely support the social and economic development activities of Pohnpei in order to clearly demonstrate the benefits of federation and the progress being achieved by the nation.

President Mori also thanked Pohnpei State leadership for their support and cooperation in welcoming the establishment in the State of offices and facilities by donor partners and regional and international organizations. He said that having these international organizations locate their offices in Pohnpei helps to raise the profile of FSM within the Pacific Islands region and on the world stage. He said the establishment of these offices and institutions in FSM benefits the entire nation while also providing Pohnpei State with increased benefits and attention as the host state.

Reflecting on the national situation, President Mori told the Pohnpei leadership that the FSM Government's is committed and currently most engaged to ensure the full and effective implementation of the Amended Compact.

The President thanked Governor Ehsa and the other state Governors for their support to move forward with implementation of the Infrastructure projects funded under the Compact.

Addressing the issue of financial and government reform, President Mori told the Pohnpei leadership that he was pleased with the progress of government financial reforms in Kosrae and Chuuk States. He told the Pohnpei audience that the success of the early reforms undertaken by Pohnpei and Yap states and those states' continuing support for their sister states in their own reforms, were important factors to this progress.

President Mori commended and urged Pohnpei State to continue to set good examples in financial management practices. He told the state leadership that Pohnpei's achievement in securing Audit reports that gave the State ratings of 'Unqualified Opinions' and "Zero Questioned Costs' are reasons for Pohnpei to be proud. He called on the Pohnpei State leadership to continue to take a leading role in sound financial management.

As part of his Official State Visit President Mori also visited Ohmine and Nett Elementary Schools, where the staff and students warmly greeted him and his entourage. The President donated volleyball and basketball equipment to the two schools.

At the conclusion of the visit President Mori expressed his deep appreciation to Governor Ehsa, Speaker Pelep and the leadership and people of Pohnpei for the kind hospitality and consideration that was accorded to him and his staff during the first Official State Visit to Pohnpei State.

President Mori said that he looks forward to more substantive visits in the near future, when the State Government Executive Branch is fully organized. In particular, the President said, he looks forward to the State leadership telling him the principal issues that are of concern to Pohnpei and how the national government can assist the State in those areas.

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