Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

National Election Office Announced 1999 General Election Timetable

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): March 8, 1998 - In preparation for the 1999 Congressional Election a number of election related activities needed to begin to be undertaken, according to a February 24, 1998 letter from the Assistant National Election Director Heinrick Stevenson to President Jacob Nena.

Stevenson pointed out that national election law provides that within one year of the election, Congress shall appropriate funds for conduct of the national election. Pursuant to section 106, 9 FSMC, funds should have been appropriated by March 1998.

If major voter registration is to take place in order to solve the apparent problem of poor voters registration in the FSM, Stevenson said, the appropriate time will be between March and August 30, 1998.

By September 1, 1998, or at least six months before each Congressional Election, the National Election Commissioner for each State shall verify from the State Department of Public Health or any other departments information on deaths, adjudication of insanity or feeblemindedness, loss of citizenship or other causes for disqualification to vote in accordance with section 104 of title 9 of FSM Code.

From November 3, 1998 to Election Day March 2, 1999, any registered voter may request an absentee ballot to cast his ballot at a polling place other than his regular voting precinct within 120 days and before the close of the polling place.

The request shall be in writing to the national election commissioner. It shall state the requester's voting precinct, election district, reason for being absent, address to which he wishes his ballot to be forwarded, and establishment of his right to a ballot, pursuant to section 703(2) of title 9 of FSM Code.

For the 1999 Congressional Election, December 10, 1998, has been established as the last day to change voting residency or change of name through registration. However, it must be done within 90 days of the election day.

By January 2, 1999, the National Election Commissioners shall appoint election board and committees for submission to the National Election Director for his approval.

By January 16, 1999, or no later than 45 days prior to election day, nomination petitions shall be submitted to the National Election Commissioner.

By January 26, 1999 or at least 35 days before election day, the National Election Director shall print official ballots and samples and submit copies to the national election commissioners who shall provide candidates and election board members copies thereof.

The last day to nominate substitute candidate for the March 1999 Congressional election is January 30, 1999 or 31 days prior to election day.

February 23, 1999 or at least seven days prior to election day, a voter may notify the national election commissioner in writing of his intention to cast his vote at a polling place other than his registered polling place.

Stevenson also transmitted a copy of voters head count he conducted for Senator Wagner Lawrence using monies appropriatedfor his representative district, Kitti and Madolenihmw in Pohnpei State.Stevenson requested a permanent National Election office to ensure safe storage of election records.

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