Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Leaders Break grounds for COM Projects

Palikir, Pohnpei (Yap State News Brief): March 9, 2010 - FSM President Manny Mori and US Ambassador Peter Prahar joined Governor Sebastian Anefal, members of the State Leadership, and other dignitaries in Yap for a groundbreaking ceremony for two building projects at the COM-FSM Yap Campus on Saturday February 27, 2010.

During their brief remarks at the groundbreaking on Saturday, both President Mori and Governor Anefal shared the same sentiments in thanking the US Government for the continued support and assistance that it has provided to improve the school system in the whole nation.

According to Governor Sebastian Anefal, this will be the first among the Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) projects for Yap that has been awarded and ready for actual construction.

Following the dignitaries' acknowledgements, Mr. Joe Habuchmai, Vice President for Administrative Services of the College of Micronesia, conveyed the College's sincere gratitude to the FSM National Government for their continued support in giving the national portion of the FSM IDP to the College to improve all campus facilities throughout the FSM. This has been going on since 2005.

Vice President Habuchmai stated that the College's IDP budget has reached $15,359,348 for construction of new facilities for campuses in all four FSM States and gave examples of the new projects for Chuuk State at Nandaku Hillside, Kosrae Campus' Student Center and Campus Learning Resources Center, and Pohnpei Campus' Learning Resources Center and Natural Science Classrooms.

Habuchmai went on to say that the Yap State Government has been supportive to the College and thanked the State Leadership for their kind contributions to the development of the Yap Campus, which now has more than 200 students continuing their education after high school.

In closing, Mr. Habuchmai acknowledged the presence of two member of the Board of Regents of COM-FSM who were on site to witness and take part in the ceremony. He referred to Mrs. Mary Berngun Figir of Yap and Mr. Kasio Mida of Chuuk, who is the President's Chief of Staff who is traveling with President Mori to attend Yap Day.

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