Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Kosrae inaugurates Governor Weilbacher and Ninth Legislature

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Service): March 13, 2007 - President Joseph J. Urusemal joined Kosrae State's ceremonies to inaugurate its newly elected Governor Robert J. Weilbacher and Lt. Governor William Tosie and members of the Ninth Kosrae State Legislature.

During an inaugural reception, President Urusemal welcomed the new and offered his best congratulations. He also joined Governor Weilbacher and Speaker Jackson in welcoming the foreign dignitaries in attendance, urging them to see for themselves all that Kosrae has to offer - all of the FSM states in one.

In taking advantage of the occasion, the President also had informal discussions with the Kosrae state leadership on some of the current financial challenges facing the state. He informed the state leadership his presence in Kosrae is "To offer the resources of your National Government to assist in any way we can, and to work with you in the face of formidable challenges prevailing in Kosrae and in the Nation for the matter."

The Leadership of the Ninth Kosrae State Legislature is comprised of the following Presiding Officers and Committee Chairs:

Speaker, Lyndon H. Jackson;
Vice Speaker, Albert T. Welly; and
Floor Leader, Semeon J. Phillip.

Judiciary & Governmental Operations (J&GO)
Chairman, Josaiah H. Saimon

Ways & Mean (W&M)
Chairman, John Martin

Resource & Development (R&D):
Chairman, Gibson T. Siba

Health & Social Affairs (H&SA)
Chairman, Bob H. Skilling

Education & Cultural Affairs (E&CA)
Chairman, Jefferson M. Timothy

The President also visited several project sites including the giant clam farm, the mangrove crab hatchery, and a can recycling project.

Accompanying the President for the inauguration were Secretary Nena Nena, Acting Secretary Lorin Robert, Director Yosiwo George, Commissioner Wilson Waguk, and PIO Elieser Rospel. Other cabinet members later joined President for his informal meeting with the leadership following the inauguration.

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