Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Pohnpei celebrates International Women's Day

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): March 14, 2011 - On March 8, 2011, at the FSM-China Friendship Sport Complex at the Palikir Campus of the College of Micronesia, a celebration was held by various Pohnpeian women's organizations to celebrate International Women's Day. This year International Women's Day was celebrated with dancing, singing and skits performed by these organizations. A panel of judges kept scores to determine a selection of winners.

Twenty-Five women's groups participated in this year's International Women's Day celebration, including: the Development Skilled Organization of Women, Lien Education, Lien EMPWA, Naniwel Women Organization, Pohnpei Ladies Club, Mercedes en Pohnpei, Otohi Birthday Club, Lien Lopidi Keiou en Wen Kitti (Lien Ononleng), Lien Pikiniap Sokehs, Lien Alem en Pohnpei, U Council of Women in Action, Lien Kolonia Town, Lien Kempah en Roson Mahu, Pwihn en Minimin en Lien Madolenihmw, Lien Mwohd en Leng, Lien Pohnpei Tikpeieng, Lien Nanipil Women Association, Dolonier/Nett Women Corporation, TSP Nett Women Association, Pingilap Women Association, Mand Women in Action, Lien Pohnsapw, and Lien Palikir who hosted this year's celebrations.

This year's theme was "Equal Access to Education, Training and Science and Technology: Pathway to Decent work for Women."

Governor John Ehsa gave the welcoming remarks, he acknowledged all women's organizations, and especially those present at the event. In his remarks, Governor Ehsa stated that this year's celebration was visibly a huge success, with a large increase, compared to previous years, in the number of women's groups participating in the day's event.

Senator Magdalena Walter was the keynote speaker for the event. She highlighted issues relating to the empowerment of women and promotion of gender equality. She focused on some of the issues that were discussed and adopted during the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995: ensuring equal access for women to education, ensuring equal access for women to health care, and ensuring equal access for women in power and decision making.

In attendance were Nahn Mwariki of Sokehs, the Honorable Herculano Kohler; Likend Pahu, Nahnalek Sokehs; Governor John Ehsa and Mrs. Ehsa, Mrs. Edward, Speaker Pelep and Mrs. Pelep, Senator Magdalena Walter, Senator David, Senator Edward, Senator Lebehn, representatives of the diplomatic corps, officials from the state and national governments, and the municipal representatives.

The event ended with the presentation of awards to the winners of the clean-up and beautification of the island of Pohnpei.

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