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President Mori calls for Congress Special Session

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): March 18, 2008 - President Manny Mori has formally requested Speaker Isaac V. Figir to convene the 4th Special Session of the 15th Congress from March 24 until April 4, 2008.

In his request letter to Speaker Figir on March 6, 2008, President Mori listed three items that would be the subject of the Special Session. They are: the Supplemental and Restoration Budget; the remaining nominations requiring Advice and Consent of the Congress; and pending Bills and Resolutions.

When the President calls for a Special Session of the Congress under Section 16 or Article IX of the FSM Constitution, the Congress is limited to discuss only those items that are included by the President in his call.

Under the Supplemental and Restoration Budget item, President Mori is requesting Congress to complete its consideration of the additional and budget proposals that he sent to Congress on February 20, 2008, during its First Regular Session of 2008.

In the First Regular Session of 2008 the Congress appropriated $2,440,112 out of the $6,334,989 requested by the President under the Supplemental component of his budget request. At that time Congress was unable to act on the President's request to restore budget items totaling $2,450,000 that were not appropriated under the President's original FY 2008 budget request.

Commenting on this, President Mori noted that both the original and supplemental FY 2008 Budget Requests had evolved from exhaustive internal considerations within the Executive Branch and represented a finely balanced and integrated package of funding measures to support government operations in the key sectors and programs.

The President said he is asking Congress to further consider his requests as they are still of continuing importance and need. He further noted that the budget requests are within the total funds available to the Congress for appropriation, even allowing for prudent reserves to be maintained against unexpected contingencies.

With regard to the item for consideration of Nominations requiring Advice and Consent, President Mori said that he is anxious to complete the composition of his Cabinet and the remaining critical appointments to overseas Missions. He is hopeful that Congress will support his Nominations at this time.

President Mori said he will re-nominate Mr Casiano Shoniber for the position of Secretary for Education and he calls on the Congress to confirm Mr Shoniber's nomination in the Special Session.

Pending Bills and Resolutions on which Congress is asked to deliberate during the Special Session including nominations to various boards and commissions.

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