Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Nena signed Public Law Nos, 10-78 to 10-84

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): March 28, 1998 - President Jacob Nena, on March 17, informed Speaker Jack Fritz that he is transmitting his signed Public Laws enacted during the Third Special Session of the 10th Congress.

PL No. 10-78, Act No. 10-82, to amend Public Law No. 9-100, as amended, by further amending section 3, as amended, to modify the purpose for which certain funds were appropriated for the State of Pohnpei; introduced by Senator Dohsis Halbert.

PL 10-79, Act No. 10-81, appropriates $408,896, to fund the expenses of FSM's hosting of South Pacific Forum. Of this amount $320,000 is for rental or lease of not more 16 vehicles, and $88, 896 is for other hosting expenses. This measure was introduced at the request of the FSM President

PL 10-80, ACT No. 10-80, appropriates $194,000, to fund a one year extension of the Micronesian Entrepreneur Development Center Project. It was introduced at the request of the President.

PL No. 10-81, Act No. 10-83, appropriates $200,000 for paying expenses associated with operaitons of MS Caroline Voyager. It was introduced at the request of the President.

PL 10-10-82, Act No. 10-84, further amends PL. No. 10-84, as amended, to change allottees for funds for Chuuk State, and extend the lapse date for those certain funds to September 30, 2001. It was introduced by Senator Nishima Yleizah.

PL 10-83, Act No. 10-85, appropriates $125,500 for paying the half-life refit of the FSS Palikir and the warranty slipping of the FSS Independence, introduced by Floor Leader Joseph Urusemal

PL No. 10-84, ACT No. 88, further amending PL. 8-93, as amended, to make the Governor of Chuuk State Allottee of funds appropriated for Chuuk High School Library; introduced by the Chairman of the Committee on Resources and Development Redley Killion.

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