Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Office certifies results of National Elections

Palikir, POHNPEI(FSM Information Services): March 25, 2005 - The National Elections were held on March 8 for the two-year State Representative to the 14th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia. In addition, three proposed amendments to the FSM Constitution were also placed on the ballots.

According to the Office of the NED, the following candidates have been certified and declared State winners of the Congressional Elections:

Claude H. Phillip (Incumbent);

Isaac Figir (Incumbent);

District 1 - Dohsis Halbert (Incumbent);
District 2 - Dion G. Neth (Incumbent);
District 3 - Peter M. Christian(Incumbent);

District 2 - Roosevelt Kansou(Incumbent);
District 3 - Simiram Sipenuk;
District 4 - Tiwiter Aritos(Incumbent); and
District 5 - Moses Nelson (Incumbent).

The transmittal by Bernell W. Edward - National Election Director, noted that a winning candidate has not been declared for Chuuk State Election District One (D1), due to "significant voting irregularities" discovered in the Weno Box for absentee voters of D1.

Among the "irregularities" cited in Edward's letter was the discovery of a huge discrepancy between the 205 signatures on the absentee voters list or the "Voting at another Polling Place" (VAAPP) list and the 676 ballots counted in the box.

In addition, the letter noted that the poll workers for D1-VAAPP failed to adhere to several newly established election procedures.

According to the Director, exclusion of the VAAPP box from the official results would have "a determining effect on the outcome" of the election for Chuuk State's D1. The Director is currently working with the Department of Justice to determine whether or not to authorize a re-vote for that particular polling box.

The candidates vying for the congressional seat for Chuuk State's Upper Mortlocks region or Election District One are: Henry C. Asugar (Incumbent), Lander Simor and Peter S. Sitan.

On the proposed amendments to the Constitution, the Office of the NED, has informed the President that all three amendments fell short of the votes sufficient for ratification.

Passage of which required 75% or 3/4 of all votes cast during the national elections.

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