Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

U.S CODEL Professional Staffers Visit the FSM

Palikir, POHNPEI (Dept. of Foreign Affairs): April 2, 2008 - A joint four member team representing the U.S Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the House Natural Resources Sub-committee on Insular Affairs visited the FSM from 25-28 February to meet with officials of the FSM Government. The Congress Delegation(CODEL) professional staffers are Mr. Allen Stayman, Majority Staff of Senate and Natural Resources Committee, Mr. Joshua Johnson, Minority Staff of the Senate and Natural Resources Committee, Mr. Richard P. Stanton, Republican Staff Director and Mr. Brian Modeste, Counsel from the House Natural Resources Sub-committee on Insular Affairs.

The purpose of the mission is to assess: 1) the progress of the implementation of the Amended Compact sector grants; 2) the status of the Trust Fund; and 3) the FSM Government's progress in meeting the objectives of the Strategic Development Plan. The mission was undertaken to prepare for the upcoming first oversight hearing to be held by the House Natural Resources Committee in June of this year.

The Congress Delegation (CODEL) professional staffers had the opportunity to meet with President Emanuel Mori, Vice President Alik K. Alik, Speaker Isaac Figir, Vice Speaker Resio S. Moses, Chaimen Dohsis Halbert, Dion G. Neth and Paliknoa Welly, Chief Jusitce Andon Amaraich, the President's Cabinet, Governor John Ehsa and his Cabinet Members, Speaker Nelson Pelep and members of the Pohnpei Legislature and other individuals from the private sector and civil society.

The visit provided the opportunity for the CODEL professional staffers to meet in person with policy makers and program managers to discuss the progress and challenges in implementing the Amended Compact and to explore areas where both governments can work cooperatively to meet the Amended Compact's overarching objectives.

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